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Devon Taltherd - Dark Matter

Devon Taltherd from Dark Matter played by Shaun Sipos.

Devon Taltherd is a fictional male in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Shaun Sipos. First introduced at the beginning of series 2 when the crew of the Raza have been arrested by the Galactic Authority and are held in a prison on an asteroid. The first person to meet him is Marcus Boone when Marcus hurts himself. Devon is a medic by profession before going awry and ending up in the prison. As he's medically trained, Devon was allowed to work in the hospital treating prisoner injuries.

When the crew of the Raza manage to escape from the prison, they take Devon along with them as he would be able to see to anyone's injuries. Devon is a drug addict and gets high on a drug called Shadow. Devon revealed to Nyx Harper when he was drowning his sorrows that his addiction got the better of him and he took it prior to an operation which resulted in the death of a patient during surgery which resulted in being sentenced.

Devon would only appear in the first half of the second series. He would be killed whilst onboard a space station with Nyx. The person who killed him were a Seer, someone who was after Nyx Harper. The Seers had had Nyx's brother until the brother committed suicide and so the Seers now wanted Nyx Harper.

Devon Taltherd Facts

ActorShaun Sipos
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