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Diana Prince - Wonder Woman - Justice League

Diana Prince from Justice League played by Gal Gadot.

Diana Prince is a fictional female in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Gal Gadot. Diana Prince is the cover name for Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Princess who can deflect bullets with her cufflinks. In addition to her cufflinks, she had a shield and a sword like any warrior would have. Her final piece of armoury was her lasso of truth. If she used the lasso on someone, they would be empowered to speak only the truth which she does to laughs with Aquaman when he calls Wonder Woman a babe.

The original Diana Prince was a U.S. Army medic who went to South America to find her fiance Dan White. After Wonder Woman helped Diana Prince, Wonder Woman assumed the identity of Diana Prince where the original Diana Prince then became Diana White after marrying her fiance.

In the eighties, Lynda Carter took on the role of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is now the current actress who has taken on the role. When Wonder Woman was announced by the United Nations as a positive female role model, it was controversial. A lot of people talked about it sexualising women and eventually the character was eventually dropped. Wonder Woman had been chosen because she is the most famous female comic character and the people behind the original idea thought it would engage young people. The United Nations was called upon to choose a real-life woman.

Diana Prince was first introduced in the Batman Vs. Superman film, the first Justice League film. The Justice League hadn't been formed yet, Diana first appeared when Bruce Wayne was doing some undercover work at Lex Luthors exhibition. Bruce was legitimately there along with Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Bruce hacked into Lex's computers but when he went back to retrieve the computer download, Diana stole it but she would later return the "stolen" device.

During the fight Batman, Superman and Doomsday, the Kryptonian abomination, Diana Prince turned up with her sword and shield to get the two men a help.

After Batman Vs. Superman, Wonder Woman got her first solo film, entitled Wonder Woman. The film was an origins movie and was set during the first World War. Its disappointing that the First World War was taking place exactly hundred years ago, it is the only new mainstream movie that tackled the War.

The first Wonder Woman takes places when Steve Trevor crash lands on the Amazons home island. Diana Prince takes on the task of taking Steve back to where he came from. Diana also gets involved in the War effort to defeat her primary enemy, Ares who is helping the Germans. The film is a success compared to other recent Justice League films

Diana Prince returns in Justice League as the Earth faces a new threat. This time, Diana is not only helped by Batman but also by Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. As for Superman whose dead, the only question is when he will return.

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman's Friends

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor was an American spy during the First World War. During an encounter with the Germans, Steve Trevor was shipwrecked and ended up on Themyscira, a hidden island. In the films, Themyscira is in the Meditterean Sea near Greece which is a source of inspiration for the stories.

In the films, Steve Trevor was played by American actor, Chris Pine, more better known as Capt. James Tiberius Kirk in the re-imagined Star Trek movies. Diana Prince is assigned to take Steve Trevor back to where he came from and to try and find and defeat Ares, the God of War. Diana believes that killing Ares will bring about the end of the war. Steve Trevor disappears after stealing a German aircraft.

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman's Enemies

Ares, God of War

Ares is the Greek God of War but in the film, Ares reveals he is in fact the God of Truth. Ares doesn't start wars, he merely improves sides so that they fight it out. Ares was the "primary" antagonist in the first Wonder Woman film.

Diana Prince Facts

ActorGal Gadot
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