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Director Krennic

Director Krennic is a fictional male in the Star Wars series. The character was portrayed on screen by Ben Mendelsohn. His allegiance / loyalty is to the Galactic Empire. Director Orson Krennic is the leader of The Galactic Empire forces during star Wars - Rogue One. Krennic is the principle antagonist in the film. Krennic oversees the building of the Death Star. Grand Moff Tarkin is also in the film but its Krennic who does the running around fighting whilst Tarkin stays on the Death Star.

Director Orson Krennic

Capturing Galen Erso

Galen Erso is a legendary engineer and scientist in Star Wars. Galen has been hiding as a farmer on a remote planet when he is finally discovered by Krennic. Krennic wanted the whole family but when Lyra Erso shoots and hits Krennic, Lyra is killed in response. Krennic is unable to find Jyn Erso and so leaves the planet without the child.

Friendship with Grand Moff Tarkin

It is Director Krennic who has been the main overseer of the weapon but he is not the one who will be able to take credit for it. After the devastating power of the Death Star has been demonstrated on the capital city of the the desert planet Jedha, Grand Moff Tarkin uses the knowledge that there have been a number of security breaches to take control of the Death Star and downgrade Krennics role. Krennic doesn't like the fact he's been downgraded but there is nothing he can do. He leaves the Death Star to visit Darth Vader on an unknown planet.

Visiting Darth Vader

Director Krennic sees and audience with Darth Vader on an unknown rocky and lava planet. The planet is similar to the Tower of Lord Sauron in the Lord of the Rings films but without the eye. Krennic is force strangled but isn't killed. Darth Vader gives Krennic a warning on trying to seek power.

On Eadu

The Galactic Empire has a Kyber Crystal refinery on the rainy rocky planet of Eadu where Galen Erso is working. Determined to get to the bottom of who is leaking the information to the Rebel Alliance, Krennic orders the lead scientists be lined up and shot unless the culprit is revealed. When Galen reveals he is the leak, Krennic spares Galen's life and instead shoots the other scientists. When a Rebel Alliance fleet of X-wings attack the base, Galen is killed but Krennic survives and escapes.

On Scarif

The Imperial Data Storage facility is on the planet of Scarif. When the operation to steal the plans begins, Krennic takes charge of the operation to thwart the Rebel Alliance plan. He comes close many times to prevent the theft including disabling Cassian Andor when Cassian falls to the ground. Krennic is shot in the back from Cassian after having recovered from the fall.

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