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Doc Yewll

Doc Yewll is a fictional female Indogene doctor in the Defiance series. The character was portrayed on screen by Trenna Keating. Doc Yewll is Defiances chief medical officer.

Doc Yewll

Doc Yewll`s Dark Secret

Yewll has a dark past, before peace broke out between humans and Voltan Collective, Yewll was responsible for human experiments. The humans either don`t know or care about her involvement in the past.

Yewll knew that Ex-Mayor Nicky was secretly an Indogene but had kept it a secret. When Hunter Bell, the proprieter of Need/Want bar found out the truth, Nicky killed and hid Hunter Bell`s body. Witness to the murder was a Liberata called Jared who kept knowledge of the murder secret.

After Jared`s murder, Yewll saw Nicky as a liability and killed Nicky making it seem as though it was a suicide and taking full responsibility of Hunter Bell`s murder. The Bride Wore Black

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