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Doc Yewll - Defiance

Doc Yewll from Defiance played by Trenna Keating.

Doc Yewll is a fictional female Indogene doctor in the Defiance television series who was played on screen by Trenna Keating. Doc Yewll is Defiance's chief medical officer.

Doc Yewll's Dark Secret

Yewll has a dark past, before peace broke out between humans and Voltan Collective, Yewll was responsible for human experiments. The humans either don't know or care about her involvement in the past.

Yewll knew that Ex-Mayor Nicky was secretly an Indogene but had kept it a secret. When Hunter Bell, the proprietor of Need/Want bar found out the truth, Nicky killed and hid Hunter Bell's body. Witness to the murder was a Liberata called Jared who kept knowledge of the murder secret.

After Jared's murder, Yewll saw Nicky as a liability and killed Nicky making it seem as though it was a suicide and taking full responsibility of Hunter Bell's murder. The Bride Wore Black

Doc Yewll Facts

Alien RaceIndogene
ActorTrenna Keating
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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