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Dominar Rygel XVI - Farscape

Dominar Rygel XVI from Farscape played by Jonathon Hardy.

Dominar Rygel XVI is a fictional male Hynerian in the Farscape television series who was played on screen by Jonathon Hardy. Rygel is the deposed Dominar of the Hynerian empire. He still believes he is the sovereign of the Hynerians and tries to get his fellow crew mates to respect him as such. He's always looking at making a profit which can lead him and the crew into trouble.

The name Rygel is a play on the mans name Nigel and also play on the similar sounding star called Rigel in the constellation of Orion.

John Crichton refers to him as Yoda from the Star Wars films as a way of lightening the atmosphere. Like Yoda, he is small but unlike Yoda, he travels everywhere on a hover chair so he can be at the same level as everyone else so that they can look him into the eye.

Because of his height, whenever someone is needed to go into a small area, he is the one they send.

When pirates come onboard Moya to trade with the crew, the pirates leave with an abducted Rygel. Such is their respect for one another, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun travel down to the planet to rescue Rygel. Even when Rygel is a prisoner, he is trying to barter his way out of captivity. (Throne for a Loss.

Rygel does have his sensitive serious side, when John Crichton cloned and he went with Aeryn Sun and one of the clones which then subsequently died, he struggled to say anything that could ease her pain or be caring.

When Moya takes onboard another Hynerian, he is so blinded by her beauty that he doesn't accept that she is actually a Peacekeeper spy who was sabotaging Moya . (Fractures).

Dominar Rygel XVI Facts

Alien RaceHynerian
ActorJonathon Hardy
NationalityNew Zealander
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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