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Donna Noble

Donna Noble is a fictional female Human in the Doctor Who series. The character was portrayed on screen by Catherine Tate. Her allegiance / loyalty is to The Tenth Doctor. Donna Noble first appeared as a guest at the end of the previous series episode Doomsday where she appeared in a wedding dress having been teleported onto the Tardis. The scene was a feeder episode to her first full episode, the Christmas special. Her first full episode was Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride.

Donna Noble

Donna Noble works for HC Clements, a security company where she begins a relationship with Lance, head of Human Resources. It is Donna who initiates the romance between her and Lance despite what she tells The Doctor. Donna gets teleported onboard the Tardis at the very time that she was due to walk down the aisle and get married. It later transpires that the reason for the transportation is because she had been fed Huolon Particles from the water at work by her boyfriend.

Donna tries to get back to her wedding but is unable to which is all well and good because her boyfriend isn`t what he seemed. Lance didn`t love Donna, he saw her as an opportunity to help the Racnoss Empress so that the Racnoss could be revived and attempt to conquer the world.

At the end of the Christmas Special, Donna decides to not go with the Doctor but stay on Earth with her family and carry on what she left off. She would later return to the series to aid the Doctor after Martha Jones had had her time with the Doctor.

After regretting that she should`ve gone travelling with the Doctor, she begins to try and track him down. She leaves her job at HC Clements and begins investigating in the hope of finding him again. She comes across the Doctor again when she is investigating Adipose Technologies in the episode Partners in Crime.

Donna`s Family

After the wedding is cancelled, Donna returns to living with her mother and her grandfather, Wilfred Mott. Donna`s mother is pushy so Donna can`t wait to move out and go travelling with the Doctor.

Bernard Cribbins who had appeared in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. as policeman who accidentally entered the Tardis to call for backup during a robbery. Bernard returned to the franchise as Wilfred Mott, the maternal grandfather of Donna for a couple of episodes including David Tennants final Christmas two-parter.

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