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Doomsday - Justice League

Doomsday from Justice League played by -.

Doomsday is a fictional male Kryptonian genetic experiment in the Justice League comic series who was portrayed on screen by -. Doomsday is the result of a genetic experiment that went wrong. He is a super strength killing machine. He is well known for killing Superman off in the early nineties. Doomsday greatest attribute for him is that he can come back alive and be stronger than he was before. Doomsday will be one of the antagonists in the first Justice League films, Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice which sees adversaries, Batman and Superman joining forces to defeat Doomsday.

He was created by Lex Luthor when Lex infused the power of Kryptonite with dead body of General Zod. It would take the combined efforts of Bruce Wayne, Superman and Diana Prince to defeat Doomsday but it would also result in the death of Superman in doing so.

Doomsday Facts

Alien RaceKryptonian

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