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Doomsday from Justice League played by -.

Doomsday is a fictional male Kryptonian genetic experiment in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by -. Doomsday will forever be remembered as the creature that killed Clark Kent/Superman in the comics and in the Justice League films. His creature is different depending on where you read it.

Justice League

Lex Luthor was able to obtain the body of General Zod who had died in the previous battle against Clark Kent in the previous film. Instead of leaving the body well alone, Lex started to experiment with the body and in doing so created Doomsday. Doomsday was a hideous creature of unimaginable strength.

When Doomsday arrived, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in their alter egos were fighting it out to the death. The fight laughably ended when Clark uttered Martha which caused Bruce Wayne to back off.

Clark and Bruce stopped their fighting and teamed up to take on the creature. They would soon be joined by Diana Prince better known as Wonder Woman to take on the creature. The battle would only end when Clark retrieves a spear containing Kryptonite is pushed into Doomsday. In his final throes, Doomsday would kill Clark Kent.

The other members of Justice League at the time decide to resurrect Clark Kent as they need his help against Steppenwolf, a human alien who wants to terraform and conquer Earth. After Clark is resurrected, he fights the members of Justice League and it is only when Lois Lane arrives to calm Clark Kent that the fighting stops and Clark leaves.

Unlike in the comics, when Clark comes back to help fight Steppenwolf, his uniform, the red and blue doesn't change to the black and blue of the comic. After the fight, Clark and Bruce are all chummy.


In the television series Smallville, Doomsday appeared in the eighth series. He was the alter ego version of Davis Bloom, a paramedic friend of Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan. He would only rarely turn into Doomsday, for most part, he was the mild mannered Doomsday.

In the series, Doomsday was created by General Zod and sent to Earth, his mission was to kill the House of El. Davis arrived at the same time as Clark and was found by Lionel Luthor. He was only cared for briefly by Lionel before being dumped as he was seen as worthless. Davis would be bought up in care/foster parents and would become a paramedic to care for people.

Davis knew he was Doomsday and tried to hide his persona for as long as possible. When he did change to become Doomsday, he would go on a murderous rampage and target primarily those he saw as criminal.

Oliver Queen instructed Clark Kent that he had to kill Davis Bloom and therefore kill Doomsday. Clark didn't want to do because he believed his plan would be more appropriate, Clark believed he could separate Davis from Doomsday using black Kryptonite and throw Doomsday into the Phantom Zone. Chloe Sullivan interevened in the plans and prevented Clark from carrying it out.

The separation did eventually get carried out but Doomsday wasn't sent into the Phantom Zone. Doomsday went on a rampage before being thrown into a chemical plant and destroyed by Clark. There was no death of Superman in the series. The separated Davis wanted to run away with Chloe but James 'Jimmy' Olsen. In the ensuing moments, Davis would plunge a pole through Jimmy who would have just enough life to cause Davis to die too.

Doomsday Facts

Alien RaceKryptonian
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