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Draka from Warcraft played by Anna Galvin.

Draka is a fictional female Orc in the Warcraft television series who was portrayed on screen by Anna Galvin. Draka is the wife of the Frostwolf tribe chieftain Durotan. She is the mother of Thrall, the Shaman who will later rise to become leader of the Horde, the faction that includes Orcs, Trolls, Taurens. Not much is seen in the video except her agreeing with her husband and hiding her son in a cradle and letting go of the craddle.

At the beginning of the movie, before Draka goes through the portal to Azeroth, Draka is pregnant with Thrall. Draka is no fighter, she stays at home but when civil war breaks out amongst the Orcs, she runs off with her baby in a cradle and sets the baby to float down the river much like in the way Moses was saved in biblical times. After setting Thrall to float down the river, Draka is killed by Orcs loyal to Gul'dan.

Once Draka has given birth, the baby looked as though its still born, however, Gul'dan breathes life into the baby using fel magic which inadvertently turns the baby green. The orcs that have not been infected by the blood of Mannoroth as in the game and those that have not been touched by Fel Magic in the film are brown, those that have are green. Mannoroth, the Pitlord appears in the Warcraft lore but is absent from the film.

Draka Facts

Alien RaceOrc
AllegianceThe Horde
ActorAnna Galvin

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