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Dr. Christmas Jones - James Bond, 007

Dr. Christmas Jones is a fictional female Human in the James Bond, 007 film series who was played on screen by Denise Richards. Doctor Christmas Jones is the head of a team in Azerbaijan disarming old Russian Nuclear Missiles when she first meet James Bond who is following a lead to find Renard.

Jones joines James Bond as he tries to foil Renards plan. Jones assists James escape when Renard sets a trap for him in the underground silo from where he is stealing a nuclear missile warhead.

When James sets off to disarm a nuclear bomb travelling through the pipeline, Jones persuades James that she should come too so that she can disarm the nuclear device, he reluctantly agrees to her advice.

Dr. Christmas Jones Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorDenise Richards
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

Copyright: MGM/UA

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