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Dr. Gaius Baltar

Dr. Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica played by James Callis.

Dr. Gaius Baltar is a fictional male Kobolian ( 2003 ) scientisit in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by James Callis. Dr. Gaius Baltar is the man who has the sole responsibility for the Cylons being able to successfully destroy the twelve colonies. He was infatuated with a leggy blonde haired woman whose name is not given. Such was his infatuation with her, he gave her the security codes to the twelve colonies defence matrix which allowed the Cylons to deactivate the Battlestars and therefore enable the Cylons to wipe out the colonists. Her name is never revealed. Dr. Gaius is a shallow man who has an overinflated view of himself. On a chat show he proposes that we should create Cylons again but thinks there should be safeguards.

Attack on the Twelve Colonies

When the attack comes, he is in bed with an unknown woman and is woken up by the Number Six clone to tell him that the attack has begun. He begs the Number Six to save him which she does but the model is believed to be have been destroyed but the memory lives on. Gaius lived in a villa on the outskirts of the town and therefore survived the nuclear blast, all he got was the dust from the blast. He made his way to a place where survivors were being picked up and when Lt. Helo spotted Gaius in the crowd, Helo gave up his seat for the Doctor.

Number Six Clone

From the early outset, he would hallucinate and see a Number Six clone, wearing a red dress. He would go into his own world and talk to her. Sometimes he would be caught talking to himself but he would be able to pass it off as it was nothing. A Number Six turned up to accuse Gaius Baltar of assisting the Cylons by programming the defence matrix computer. Lt. Felix Gaeta eventually cleared Baltar of all wrong doing and Baltar was able to resume his work.

On the Battlestar Pegasus, they had a Number Six clone which they tortured and interrogated. The Number Six clone was known as Gina. Gina would have hallucinations of Dr. Gaius Baltar and would react in the same way as Gaius did with his hallucination. Baltar would go on to release Gina from captivity who would then shoot Admiral Helena Cain and then disappear into the fleet, briefly seeing Gaius again later.

Working onboard the Galactica

Once onboard the Galactica, his intelligence was soon realised and he was given the job of chief science officer. One of the tasks he was given was to discover who was and who wasn't a Cylon. With the Number Six clone in his head, he came up with a way of discovering who was and who wasn't a Cylon. When he discovered that Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) was a Cylon, he discounted the results and ignored it. Boomer would later go on to shoot and injury Commander William Adama.

Political Office and President Gaius Baltar

Intially the main science office, he would have run in with President Laura Roslin. He was goaded to run for office because he didn't agree with her. One of his main policies was to take the colonists and set up a new colony on New Caprica. Soon after the colonists landed and set up camp, the Cylons arrived and took over the camp. The Cylons gave the President an order, work for them or be killed. He agreed to work for the Cylons.

Gaius was made to sign an execution order for a group of senior members which included the ex-President and Tom Zarek. When the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus launched a rescue mission on New Caprica, Felix Gaeta nearly assassinated Gaius but didn't. Gaius escaped with the help of some Cylon clones. He worked with the Cylons to locate Kobol. On Kobol, he was captured by Cpl. Galen Tyrol who resisted the opportunity to kill Gaius and instead hand him over to be put on trial.

Trial of Gaius Baltar

It was agreed by the senior members of the Galactica crew, Commander William Adama and Laura Roslin that Gaius should have a trial and his fate would then be decided by the tribunal. The tribunal consisted of five members of which one was William Adama. The first lawyer assigned to provide Gaius with the legal support was assassinated. Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) was assigned to protect Baltar even though Lee hated the mans guts. During the time he was held on remand, he and his friends would smuggle out tape recordings and notes talking about his struggles and successes. The second lawyer was Romo Lumpkin who always wore dark glasses. Lee became interested in the legal aspect that he joined Gaius's team as a legal eagle was involved in destroying Laura's testimony.

The trial lasted two parter (Crossroads) eventually saw Gaius not-guilted. William Adama who had been expected to vote for Gaius to be guilty had in fact found the defendant innocent and Gaius was released.

Life after the Trial

After the trial, he was spirited away by people who had felt touched by things that Gaius had said through the words smuggled out. He was elevated to some sort of God by some of the people in the comune that he lived in. He repeatedly told people he was not some sort of God but they wouldn't listen. When one of the children was ill, he was asked to pray for the child which he did. He was spotted praying and when the child make return to health, his elevation to being a God was complete.

Count Baltar

In the original series, Baltar wasn't a doctor, he was a count. Count Baltar worked directly for the Cylons. Baltar believed that if he worked for the Cylons, they would leave his colony unharmed. Baltar directed the Cylon fleet from a Cylon Basestar and had Lucifer carry out his orders. Over time, the Cylons would grow tired of Baltar and Baltar would seek sanctuary with the Colonials.

Count Baltar

Dr. Gaius Baltar Facts

Alien RaceKobolian ( 2003 )
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorJames Callis

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