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Doctor Julian Bashir - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Julian Bashir from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Alexander Siddig.

Julian Bashir is a fictional male Human doctor in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Alexander Siddig. Julian Bashir holds the rank of Doctor.

He was originally billed as Siddig El Fadil but this latter changed to the more westernised name Alexander Siddig. His full name is Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi. Alexander is a name apparently chosen as random. Wiki

Doctor Julian Bashir is the chief medical officer on board Deep Space 9. Off screen, he would go on to romance Nana Vistor who played Col. Kira Nerys and together they would have a child.

Julian had wanted to become a tennis player but he was dissuaded by his parent, there was no career in it. He was persuaded to become a doctor, a profession he excelled in.

Although he didn't get on well with Chief Miles O'Brien at the start of the series, they become great friend, playing tennis or raquetball frequently. In addition to Miles, Julian has a close friendship with Elim Garak, the Cardassian tailor. Julian is awe of Elim whom he believes is a member of the Obsidian Order and who he is later proved right.

When Julian was born, he wasn't progressing as fast as he should, his parents did something that they shouldn't have done. Julian's parents had their son genetically improved via DNA Resequencing. D.N.A. Resequencing is banned because of the Eugenics War. The Eugenics War saw the rise of Khan Noonien Singh, the one time adversary of James Kirk. The secret came out when Julian's parents came to visit him on board the station and they were tricked into revealing the truth. Julian's dad handed himself into Captain Benjamin Sisko and was subsequently tried and sentenced to two years imprisonment. Doctor Bashir, I Presume

In the alternate universe, Julian Bashir is slightly dishevelled looking and is one of the prominent members of the resistance with Smiley (Miles O'Brien's alternate)

He has appeared in nearly all the episodes except nine of them. He has also guest starred in the first episode of the two-parter "Birthright" story where he interacts with Lieutenant Data.

Kidnap by the Dominion

Whilst visiting a conference on Meezan IV, Dr. Julian Bashir was kidnapped by the Dominion and replaced with a Changeling. He was held on an Internment camp in the Alpha Quadrant along with General Martok. Its not until Worf and Elim Garak are captured by Jem'Hadar soldiers that the truth is discovered.

Julian Bashir had high level clearance on board the Deep Space 9 station so anything that Benjamin Sisko revealed, that information would find its way back to the Dominion.

When the Federation planned to destroy the wormhole, the Changeling was able to prevent the destruction, instead, the wormhole became more stable with the Dominion forces coming through, reinforcing those that were here already.

The Changeling was ultimately defeated when he tried to destroy the Bajoran Sun, thereby heavily weakening the Federation. The Changeling stole the U.S.S. Yorktown but that was destroyed by the Defiant.

Julian's Relationships

He didn't have much luck with the women in his life. Julian is a charmer, he will try to charm any attractive woman he meets. Julian is more unsuccessful that successful.


One of the earlier episode's love interests is Melora, an Elaysian female who is unable to walk unaided. He sets out to find a solution to help her walk and get her heart but he fails to do either as she ends up preferring the status quo.

Jadzia and Ezri Dax

Julian tried it on with Jadzia Dax but she wasn't having it. Julian resigned himself to just be friends with Jadzia especially when Jadzia began getting close to Worf. It would later transpire that Jadzia did in fact like Julian to an extent.

During captivity, the Ezri revealed to Worf that she liked Julian which didn't do their relationship any good. Worf left Ezri go and be her new self. Although, Julian never managed to win over Jadzia, he was more successful with Ezri and end up in bed togther in the last episode.


Serina appeared in two episodes along with her friends who all had problems due to being genetically enhanced. In the first episode that she appeared in, she was very quiet. In the second episode, Serina came out of her shell and tried to start a relationship with Julian, one that didn't work.

The Holodeck Adventures

In addition to being a James Bond like spy, he would spend hours in the holodeck living out past historical adventures. During the way, he and Miles spent ages recreating the Battle of the Alamo. When it was known that Miles was leaving, Ezra suggested that she would like to experience Alamo with him. Julian told Ezra that he only ever wanted to play with Miles there.

Julian suggested that they recreate the Battle of Thermopylae instead. The battle saw 300 Spartans take on the might of Persia. Persia had thousands of men at their disposal. The 300 were entrenched in a secure location that saw them defeat a lot of Persians before succumbing. The battle is covered in the film 300.

Other adventures included dresurrecting up as pilots to take part in the Battle of Britain which took place during the Second World War. The Battle of Britain was a period in World War II that saw the Germans try to attack Britain from the air.

Dr Julian Bashir's Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

Distant Voices (S3 E18)

After being attacked by Lethean, he is knocked unconscious. Whilst unconscious, he imagines the station is his mind and his fellow crew members are aspects of his personality as he tries to wake himself up.

It is in this episode we learn he wanted to be a tennis player during a game with Elim Garak. Elim, it turns out is the disguised alter-ego of the Lethean inside his brain. Only when the Lethean is defeated will he wake up.

Our Man Bashir (S4 E10)

With Bashir coming from England, the producers decided to create an episode where he pretends to be a spy very much in the James Bond mould. Bashir is relaxing in the holodeck dressed up in a tuxedo when there is something wrong with the transporters trying to beam crew members across. The only way to save the crew is to move their stored data into the game.

Captain Benjamin Sisko plays the role of the Doctor Noah, the antagonist in the story. The name is a play on Doctor No, the first screen bad guy that James Bond would face off against in movies. If any character is killed, their patterns are lost so Bashir must defeat Noah without killing any of the characters.

The plot revolves around Noah planning on destroying the world from atop his secret lair on Everest. Col. Kira Nerys appears as Colonel Anastasia Komananov, a KGB agent with whom Bashir gets advice from. Ambassador Worf plays Duchamps, a henchman of Doctor Noahs.

The Quickening (S4 24)

Julian arrives on a planet where nearly the entire populace is infected by the Blight, a disease. The planet was once advanced but they refused to join The Dominion so the Dominion unleashed the virus on the planet. The disease caused lesions on the skin and death when the lesions changed. Julian wanted to find a cure for the disease but he was unable to. What he did find was a vaccination to prevent the disease from being passed further down the line.

Statistical Probabilities and Chrysalis

These were two episodes that were not directly connected, i.e. follow one another. The connection between them is that they involved the same group of eccentric characters. The first time, Julian was asked to help them. The second time, the group posed as Starfleet officers to get onto the ship.

In Statistical Probabilities, he had been asked to help them given that he himself was a person of high intelligence. The second time, they sought his help. In the second episode, Sarina finally came out of her shell and tried to get close to Bashir.

Section 31

Section 31 is a secret organisation with Starfleet who are carry out unsanctioned operations to protect Earth. Their leader is someone called Luther Sloane. The organisation tries many times to persuade either softly or viciously to persuade Julian to join them. Luther is the main person that Julian interacts with.

Section 31 want Julian because of his engineered intelligence which they believe will make him an asset to the group. When Julian discovers that the disease that is killing the Changelings was created by Section31, Julian and Miles devise a plan to capture Sloan. The plan involves tricking Sloane into believing that Julian has discovered a cure for the disease. When Sloane turns up, Julian confronts Sloane but Sloane commits suicide.

In order to get the cure, Julian and Miles examine the memories of Sloane to find the cure. The actions are not condone by Sisko who turns a blind eye to what they are doing in the knowledge it will help Odo. Julian and Miles are able to find the virus and cure Odo. "Extreme Measures"

What happened after the Dominion War

When the Dominion War end, people started to leave the station. Worf was made an ambassador for Starfleet on Kronos, Chief Miles O'Brien took up a new role back on Earth and Sisko's fate remained ambiguous. Sisko was last seen falling into the fire caves of the Pah-Wraiths and then talking to his wife Kassidy Yates.

Julian Bashir was to stay behind on the station and remain as the chief medical officer. He had Ezri Dax to keep him company.

Julian Bashir Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorAlexander Siddig
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How come the actor's name was Siddig El Fadil and now his name is Alexander Siddig? First he looked a little changed, so I thought it was some kind of twin brother. Interesting friendship between Julian and Jadzia Dax.
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