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Dr. Sara Riley - Andromeda

Dr. Sara Riley from Andromeda played by Sam Sorbo.

Dr. Sara Riley is a fictional female in the Andromeda television series who was portrayed on screen by Sam Sorbo. Dr. Sara Riley is the fiance of Dylan Hunt in the series. Her character appears in a couple of episodes rather than being a lead character. She is played by Sam Sorbo, the real-life wife of Kevin Sorobo who plays the lead role in the series.

Sara first met Dylan when Dylan was rescuing people from a station that was under the attack of the rat-like Magog. Dylan had to force Sara to leave because she wouldn't. One thing led to another and then became engaged. Sara's aunt was Constanza Stark who had warned Sara that she would either end up marrying or killing him, well, she got her prediction almost right.

After the Nietzschean uprising, Sara recruited a ship and tried to pull the Andromeda Ascendant out of the Event Horizon of the black hole but was unable to fully pull it out. The effort that she did do would enable Rebekah Valentine and the rest of the crew of the Eureka Maru to fully pull the Andromeda Ascendant from the Black Hole.

Through a rift in time, Dylan Hunt was able to see Sara for once last time when at first, he was able to communicate with Sara through time. The second time, he was able to transport himself across time and space so that he could be with her. He opted not to stay, if he had stayed, it would have changed the course of history. When Sara stopped trying, she begin what Dylan would continue later. Sara started a new Commonwealth on the planet of Tarazed. Her first steps would assist Dylan Hunt in the future. The Banks of The Lethe

Dr. Sara Riley Facts

ActorSam Sorbo

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