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Dutch from Killjoys played by Hannah John-Kamen.

Dutch is a fictional female Human in the Killjoys television series who was portrayed on screen by Hannah John-Kamen. Dutch is the lead protagonist in the Killjoys series. She is the most senior of the three members. She had worked with John Jaqobis for six years before John's brother joined them. She is the only member of the group who is allowed to kill their targets although when one of the others kill, she will cover it up like she did in the episode Bangarang.

She was born to a wealthy family but when it all fell apart, she was taken to Harem where she was to be married to a prince on the planet that her family's moon orbited. Over the years she was educated and taught how to play the Sitara. During her time there, she was tutored by Khylen who saw potential in her. He taught her how to survive and how to play the instrument from a young age. Dutch was told that the only way out was to kill the Prince and leave. On the day of the marriage, the Prince was killed believed to be by Khylen and she escaped.

Yelena escaped to the Quad and changed her name to Dutch. She met John Jaqobi where she teamed up with to become a Killjoy. In the opening series, Dutch is reunited with the person who taught her how to do this all when Dutch is at her weakest after being hit by a poison dart. Whenever she sees a red box, she is reminded that there is someone she must kill or there will be consequences for her failure.

Her real name is Yalena which is revealed in Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye. She was bought up by Khlyen who wanted her to be an assassin but when she fell in love, Khylen killed her fiance. Dutch said to look a lot like Aneela, a daughter of Khylen which presumably is the reason why Khylen is so interested in Dutch, a replacement. Aneela does appear in an episode in the series.

Dutch has romance with both D'Avin Jaqobis and then in the second series, she get romantic with Alvis Akari, the monk.

Dutch lives in Old Town on the planet of Westerley where she is often relaxing with her colleague at Pree's bar where she provides a little protection for the bar.

Dutch Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Killjoys
ActorHannah John-Kamen

Copyright: Syfy

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