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Elim Garak - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Elim Garak from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Andrew Robinson.

Elim Garak is a fictional male Cardassian in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was portrayed on screen by Andrew Robinson. Garak was once a high ranking member of the Cardassian intelligence service 'Obsidian Order' before he left and became a shopkeeper on the Deep Space Nine. Even though he used to be an Intelligence Officer, his loyalties lie with the spacestation. When Captain Benjamin Sisko attempts at bringing the Romulan into help in the fight against the Dominion falters, he blows up the leaving Romulan space ship and puts the blame on the Dominion. When the United Space Federation goes to war with the Dominion, he says on the side of the DS9.

Elim Garak Facts

Alien RaceCardassian
ActorAndrew Robinson

Copyright: Paramount

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