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Ellen Tigh

Ellen Tigh is a fictional female Cylon in the Battlestar Galactica series. The character was portrayed on screen by Kate Vernon. Ellen Tigh is the wife of the Battlestar Galactica`s Executive Officer (X.O.), Col. Saul Tigh. She has no children with her husband. She is very much like her husband in that she likes to drink.

Ellen Tigh

Originally feared dead, she is found amongst the survivors and reunited for the first time with her husband onboard the Galactica. Whilst on Cylon occupied New Caprica, she betrays everyone. When the resistance hear of the betrayal, her husband, Saul is given the unenviable task of killing her. Saul kills his wife with a drink containing posion.

Near the end of the series run, Saul is reunited with his wife Ellen once more. It is revealed that Ellen is the twelfth cylon model and had been ressurrected after being poisoned.

In the Plan, she is seen drinking and talking with a Brother John Cavil clone in a bar on Picon. Ellen manages to survive the attack and is taken aboard one of the survivor crafts where she stays until she is reunited with Saul.

Ellen along with Saul is one of the original models who had come from the nuked Earth thousands of yeas ago. She was considered one of the creators of the other models but her memory got wiped and had no recollection of events until the end.

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