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Doctor - Star Trek - Voyager

Doctor from Star Trek - Voyager played by Robert Picardo.

Doctor is a fictional male Hologram in the Star Trek - Voyager television series who was played on screen by Robert Picardo. When the Doctor on board the USS Voyager dies, the crew turn to the Emergency Medical Hologram to provide medical treatment to injured and unwell personnel.

The Doctor starts with being confined to the sick bay but later after a technical upgrade, he is able to exist outside the medical bay. He is based on a real doctor in the Voyager timeline, Doctor Zimmerman. Another EMH appears on board the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D during the Borg attack on earth during Star Trek VIII, First Contact.

Doctor Lewis Zimmerman visited Deep Space 9 when he was designing the next generation in Holographic doctors. Zimmerman wanted Doctor Julian Bashir to be the next doctor and wanted to know everything about Julian. Lewis went too far and involved Julian's parents where they subsequently revealed the truth Julian's D.N.A. resequencing by accident to Zimmerman and Miles O'Brien.

As well as being a medical doctor, he is also their psychiatrist and he provides words of advice to the crew. He tries to help Suder, a minor episode character from killing. When the Kazon took control of Voyager, the Doctor tries to justify to Suder that he can do what is needs to regain control of the ship. He also tries to help Seven of Nine with interacting better and tries to romance her.

At the home coming celebrations, the Doctor reveals to Tom Paris that he has finally chosen a name for himself and it is Joe. Kes at the beginning of the voyage had suggested he take a name so that he could feel better as member of the crew. He experimented with a number of names including Schwitzer but never felt at ease with it.

Holodeck Missions

In the early stages, the only time he could get away from the medical bay was when he was required in the holodeck. Below is a list of missions that he took away from the Medical Bay.

The Doctors Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

Blink of an Eye (S6 E12)

Voyager is caught in the near atmosphere of a planet that seems to be revolving at an astonishing 58 times a second. Voyager is unable to move. The sight of Voyager in the skies has spurned the civilisation below to improve themselves and become advanced.

When Captain Kathryn Janeway realises that the planet is on a different time interval to Voyager, Kathryn instructs Doctor to go down to the planet and look around. A second of our time is a year on theirs. When the Doctor returns, it is revealed later that he is a father.

The inhabitants of the planet see Voyager as a threat and attack it but do no damage on it. Eventually, the inhabitants develop technology strong enough to move Voyager away from the gravity of the planet and send them on their way.

Doctor Facts

Alien RaceHologram
ActorRobert Picardo
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