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Emily Kolburn - Dark Matter

Emily Kolburn from Dark Matter played by Jodelle Ferland.

Emily Kolburn is a fictional female Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Jodelle Ferland. Emily Kolburn is known as Das and Five because she was the fifth member of the crew to wake up from stasis. Emily is the youngest member of the group. It was her who wiped everyone's memories to hide someone's memory. Unlike the other members of the crew, Five is not a murderer, she and a friend stowed away onboard the Raza when it docked in a space station.

Emily is handy with electronics and she's the closest of any of the crew to being the Chief Engineering Officer in the series. If a computer or piece of equipment goes wrong, it is Emily who's there to help.

Emily's Style

Emily is recognisable by her blue hair and she seems a little kooky compared to the other members of the group. In the last episode of the second series, 'But first we must save the universe', Emily goes undercover on the Regulus space station wearing a blonde wig. Emily is the most prominent member of the crew who does not have an alternate universe equivalent of them.

Memory Bank

Everyone's memories were wiped and got implanted into Five somehow. In episode six of the first series, she goes into stasis to try to see the dreams and memories of everyone. The only memories she does see is that Ryo Tetsuda and how he got frames for murder and how he subsequently escaped. She also remembered how she ended up on the Raza.

How Emily Became Involved

Emily was a vagabond on a space station with a group of others. During an incident all but her and a friend survived and they stowed away on board the Raza. Whilst on board, Emily went off to find medical supplies but got caught by Marcus Boone who duly put her in an airlock. The dream changed before we saw how she escaped and survived the encounter with Three. However, later it is revealed that Kal Varrick got wind of what Marcus was up to and rescued Emily. Marcus protested that he only put her there to scare her and wasn't going to release her into space. The boy who was badly injured with her was found in an earlier episode but he didn't survive.

Surviving the EOS-7 Explosion

Emily was with Commander Delaney Truffault at the time of the explosion and Truffault was able to get the both of them off the craft and back on board the Raza with Android. Emily eventually rendezvous with the rest of the crew as they set out to take revenge on Ryo Tetsuda.

It is memories of Ryo Tetsuda still imbedded in her memory that she is able to work out where Ryo has taken the Blink Drive, the item that can take a craft to anywhere in space and into the Multiverse.

It is revealed through memories that Emily has a sister who she hadn't known about since waking up first time round. Before her dreams could reveal details about her sister, she is woken up and isn't able to know where she is.

Relationship with the other Members

Emily feels most comfortable with Val Karrick given that it was Val who allegedly prevented Marcus for releasing her out into space. Marcus said it was to scare Emily but we would never know. Soon after Val Karrick seemingly leaves the Raza, Emily has a hard time coming to terms with it. Portia Lin takes the Raza to the planet where they left Val Karrick who discover he's in trouble in which they rescue him. Emily is the most pleased of the crew to see Kal Varrick back on the crew.

Emily Kolburn Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorJodelle Ferland
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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