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Faramir is a fictional male Human in the Lord of the Rings series. The character was portrayed on screen by David Wenham. Faramir is the younger brother of Boromir, who the latter was part of the Fellowship of the Ring until he was killed in battle at Parth Galen. Faramir gains greater prominence in the LOTR - The Two Towers when his path crosses with the Fellowship.

Faramir is one of two sons of Denethor II and is the brother of Boromir

Both Faramir and Boromir are sons of Denethor II. Faramir is injured in battle which in the book, he is carried into the city by Prince Imrahill however, in the film, Faramir is dragged behind his horse as it enters the city. Faramir is laid to rest on a funeral pyre when Denethor believed his son was dead. It took Merry to alert Gandalf to save the life of Faramir before he was burnt alive.

Faramir is not a member of the Fellowship, he does provide military support for the Fellowship as they go up against the Orcs.

It was Faramir who tortured Gollum and tried to take the ring to Minas Tirith but in the books, Faramir was a much kinder and more trustworthy and couldn't be tempted like his brother, Boromir.

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