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General Martok - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

General Martok from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by J.G. Hertzler.

General Martok is a fictional male Klingon Military Commander in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by J.G. Hertzler. General Martok holds the rank of General.

Changeling General Martok

When General Martok is first introduced in Deep Space 9, he is a senior commander in the Klingon space force. In order to defeat The Dominion threat, the United Federation of planets have gone into an alliance with the Klingon Empire. star Trek - Deep Space 9">Chancellor Gowron sends General Martok to head up the Klingon delegation to the station.

When Starfleet find that they are unable to control the Klingons, they are sent Deep Space Nine">Worf to help out. As a Klingon, Worf will be able to understand and deal with the Klingons. Way of the Warrior

When the Klingons start to get aggressive, the senior officers on Deep Space 9 investigate. They are led to believe that Chancellor Gowron is a Changeling in disguise. The actual Changeling is revealed to be General Martok during an Order of Bat'leth ceremony. The Changeling is killed. Apocalypse Rising

Its not clear when the real General Martok was captured and replaced. After the discovery of the Changeling, the Klingons became less aggressive and calmed down.

General Martok in Captivity

The real General Martok was being held in a prison (Internment Camp 371) on an asteroid in the Gamma Quadrant, where the Dominion are based. Martok was not the only person who had been replaced by a Changeling, Julian Bashir had also been replaced for a short time.

Elim Garak and Worf were investigating reports of Elim's ex-spy boss, Enabrain Tain was still alive when they got captured. Worf was made to fight Jem'Hadar soldiers so that the Jem'Hadar could be trained and tested.

General Martok Looses an Eye

Worf was made to fight as Martok had been made to fight. During a fight Martok lost one of his eyes. The group would eventually make it back to Deep Space 9. In Purgatory's Shadow

After Captivity

After escaping from captivity and returning to the Alpha Quadrant, Martok was given the lead in fighting the Dominion and was based prominantly on Deep Space 9 for the duration of the rest of the War. After returning back to the Alpha Quadrant, he would play a bigger role in the Alliance defeat of the Dominion.

Welcoming Worf to House of Martok

When Worf was to marry Jadzia Dax, he didn't have a house to belong to. Martok had taken such a liking to Worf and Jadzia, that he invited them to join the House of Martok. The House of Mogh that Worf had previously been a member of had been dissolved and Worf was a member of no house.

Sirella, Martok's Wife

Whilst acceptance of Worf was easy enough, it was not so easy for Jadzia, she had to be accepted by Sirella, who was Martoks wife. Sirella took a bit of persuasion that she was good enough to join the House of Martok. Eventually, Jadzia was allowed in just before the marriage. You Are Cordially Invited

In addition to a wife Sirella, he also had a son Drex. Drex didn't like the non-humans much, it was partly his actions on how he treated non-Klingons that called for Worf to be stationed on the station.

Relationship with Gowron and becoming Chancellor

Martok had a great relationship with Chancellor Gowron but one that soured near the end of the Dominion War. Gowron wanted to lead the final assault and his plans would've cost the lives of many Klingons.

Worf and Martok objected to the plans so much so that Worf challenge Gowron to a fight to the death. Gowron only accepted the fight when Word removed his Starfleet insignia. The fight was quick but in the end, Worf killed Gowron.

Chancellor Martok

Worf refused to accept the position of Chancellor, instead he requested that Martok become the new Chancellor instead, Martok relunctantly accepted the position. Worf was awarded the position of Ambassador for Starfleet on Qo'nos which Worf accepted.

Martoks Chancellorship was never covered in any of the television series, only in the expanded universe, that is the books.

Far Beyond the Stars

In the episode, Far Beyond the Stars, Captain Benjamin Sisko is knocked out. During his time as being unconscious, he dreamed he was a writer in the 1950's, at a time when Americans were segregated due to the colour of their skin.

In the episode, all the cast appeared without prosthetics. Martok appeared as Roy Ritterhouse, the magazines illustrator. Roy had a moustache and goatee, much like his Klingon character. Benjamin wrote a story about a black man captaining a space statioin, must like what he did when he was conscious. Benjamin had a tough time trying to get anyone to publish it.

General Martok Facts

Alien RaceKlingon
ActorJ.G. Hertzler
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