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General Zod - Justice League

General Zod from Justice League played by Terrence Stamp

General Zod is a fictional male Kryptonian military general in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Terrence Stamp, Michael Shannon. A former General from the planet of Krypton, he turned his back on being good and was imprisoned with his cohorts. He periodically proves to be a problem for Superman. As he's from Krypton, he has all the same powers and strength that Superman has but decides to use them for bad forcing face-offs with Superman.

In the re-booted Man of Steel, Zod isn't imprisoned but someone who leads a dictatorial take over of the planet. During the end of the fight between, Zod and Clark Kent, the two men cause a large amount of damage to the buildings in Metropolis. On that day that the two Kryptonians are fighting, Bruce Wayne is visiting the city and vows to take down Superman for all the carnage that the fight had caused.

In the original appearance in Superman II, Zod had two accomplices but in the re-booted film, Zod has an army to back him up when he strikes Earth. The General being from the same planet as Superman has the same strengths and abilities that Superman has including the Rays from the eyes.

In the Christopher Reeves films, General Zod was played by Terrence Stamp. Terrence Stamp would later return to the Superman franchise as he played/voiced Zor-El, the father of Clark Kent.

General Zod Facts

Alien RaceKryptonian
ActorTerrence Stamp, Michael Shannon
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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