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Grand Moff Tarkin - Star Wars

Tarkin from Star Wars played by Peter Cushing.

Tarkin is a fictional male Human in the Star Wars film series who was played on screen by Peter Cushing. Tarkin holds the rank of Grand Moff within the Galactic Empire.

Grand Moff Tarkin is the commander in charge of the first Death Star. He is senior in rank to Darth Vader. Unlike Darth Vader, Tarkin is not skilled in the use of the Force. Tarkin doesn't hesitate in ordering the destruction of Alderaan in the first film Star Wars IV - A New Hope in revenge for Princess Leia not telling him where the Rebel base is located.

When the Rebellion attack the Death Star, such is his confidence that the attack will fail, he declines an option to leave the base.

Tarkin appears briefly on the bridge of a Star Destroyer at the end of Star Wars III - Revenge of The Sith. Tarkin was played by Wayne Pilgrim who played Scorpius in Farscape.

Peter Cushing was never shown full size in the film because he was wearing slippers because the shoes he had been given were ill-fitted. In reality, Peter Cushing was a very nice person at complete opposite to how his character was portrayed in the films. Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia had remarked she found acting with Peter Cushing difficult because Peter was such a nice guy in real life and Tarkin was the opposite. ref: Peter Cushing.

Rogue One

The actor, the very venerable Peter Cushing died in 1994 and so was unable to appear in person in the film. The producers of the film was able to digitally put him into the film so well that you're unable to tell its a digital image.

Grand Moff Tarkin takes control of the Death Star from Director Krennic who had overseen the space station's construction. Grand Moff Tarkin is seen as a back stabber, someone who see to take credit for the development of the station himself. When The Rebel Alliance attack Scarif, Grand Moff Tarkin orders that the Death Star travel to Scarif to assist in the defence of the base.

When the Death Star arrives at Scarif, he orders the main weapon to fire at the main Imperial base on Scarif. The main purpose being to stop the Rebel Alliance from transmitting the plans but also to ensure that Director Krennic for whom he hates is killed and therefore Tarkin will have no challenger in his position to Emperor Palpatine who doesn't appear in the film only a mention.

When Tarkin realises that the Rebel Alliance fleet has stolen information from Scariff. Tarkins orders Darth Vader to chase the Tantive IV ship to prevent the information from falling in his enemies hands.

Tarkin Facts

RankGrand Moff
Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Galactic Empire
ActorPeter Cushing
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