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Gul`dan is a fictional male Orc in the Warcraft series. The character was portrayed on screen by Daniel Wu. His allegiance / loyalty is to the Horde. In game lore, Gul`dan was the Orc shamen who open the portal from Draenor to Azeroth with the help of Medivh in Draenor. Although he is mentioned in the past, he becomes the main antagonist in the World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion of the game. He was corrupted by the Burning Legion, the army that was set up the fallen Titan Sargeras. There is no narration at the start of the film which would`ve help explain Gul`dan`s past and his corruption.

In the movie, he is the main antagonist who has taken control of the Orcs in their homeworld of Draenor and leads them on their invasio of Azeroth. Durotan remarks that since Gul`dan has taken over the Horde, the planet, once rich in flora and fawna has turned into a wasteland.

Gul`dan is heavily addicted to an energy source known as Fel, it is green in power and its drawn from the living. Gul`dan used captured Draenei as the power source on Draenei and humans on the planet of Azeroth.

Orcs are an honour based civilisation and when Durotan challenges Gul`dan, Durotan looks certain to win until Gul`dan cheats and uses the Fel to gain the upper hand and win. Those skulls in the picture are sown into his skin unlike the other Orcs.

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