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Gul Dukat - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Gul Dukat from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Marc Alaimo.

Gul Dukat is a fictional male Cardassian in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Marc Alaimo. Gul Dukat holds the rank of Gul.

Gul Dukat was once the overseer of Terok Nor but is now an ambassador of sorts between the Cardassians and the Deep Space 9. He is a senior member of the Cardassian military and someone to whom interracts with Deep Space 9 frequently.

He was responsible for the death of Lieutenant Jadzia Dax but covers up his responsibility. He oversees the joining of Dominion.

Tora Ziyal

Tora was Dukat's love child whilst he was stationed on Terok Nor without his family. The idea of a love child would bring his dishonour amongst his people. He planned to kill his daughter but was disuaded from doing so by Kira Nerys who was with him when he found his daughter.

When he returned to Cardassia with Tora, his wife divorced him and his children except Ziyal wanted nothing to do with him. Gul Dukat was demoted from military commander to a freighter captain. Ziyal would stay by her fathers side.

After capturing a Klingon bird of prey, Kira was able to persuade Gul Dukat to let Ziyal stay on Deep Space 9 whilst he worked elsewhere, Kira would keep an eye on her.

Gul Dukat's Best and Worst Episodes


In the episode Cardassians, it is revealed that Gul Dukat and and Pa'Dar are rivals. Pa'Dar was a civillian politician who ordered the withdrawal from Bajor. In order to embarass Pa'Dor, Gul Dukat kidnapped Pa'Dor's son and put him in a Bajoran orphanage who would then be adopted by a Bajoran couple. Gul Dukat role is revealed in the tribunal looking into who should have custody of the son.


In Indiscretion, we learn that Gul Dukat has seven children. In the same episode, we learn that during his time during the occupation, he had a Bajoran mistress which produced a child, Ziyal which he planned to keep secret.

Dukat's mistress and daughter was onboard the Ravinok, a Cardassian ship that was lost during the occupation. When Dukat learns that the ship has been found, he insists on going with Kira Nerys to find it. He plans to kill Ziyal to hide his indiscretion and therefore keep his place in society. When he gets the opportunity to kill Ziyal, he can't bring himself to kill her and lets her live, sending her back to Cardassia Prime their home world to live.

Gul Dukat Facts

Alien RaceCardassian
ActorMarc Alaimo
Last UpdatedSunday, March 24, 2019

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