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Han Solo - Star Wars

Han Solo from Star Wars played by Harrison Ford.

Han Solo is a fictional male Corellian smuggler in the Star Wars film series who was played on screen by Harrison Ford. Han Solo holds the rank of General within the Rebel Alliance.

The role was made famous by Harrison Ford who played the role in four of the films. The anthology movie was played by Alden Ehrenreich as it was set before the events of Episode IV therefore Han Solo was too old for the role.

Han Solo was an important member of The Rebel Alliance, joining at a very late stage during the Battle of Yavin IV. Prior to joining the Rebels, he was a smuggler, running errands for whoever paid him.

Han would fall in love with one of the leaders, Princess Leia and they would go on and have a child named Ben Solo. Ben would turn to the Dark Side, having been enticed by Supreme Leader Snoke.

Han's Life Before the Rebel Alliance

Han Solo's Origins

Young Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich

Han Solo home planet is Corellia where he was born and brought up. Corellia is an industrial planet of Corellia. His early years are a mystery but he becomes an orphan or a runaway who became involved in a crime syndicate controlled by a large worm known as Lady Proxima. Its not explicitedly stated whether he is a runaway or an orphan. Han would carry out thieving for Lady Proxima in return for a place to stay and live. His future was not on Corellia, it was out there amongst the stars with his girlfriend, Qi'ra.

He was a dreamer that thought he could join the Imperial Navy, become a pilot and then go wherever he wanted with Qi'ra. When he had the opportunity, he took it. He left Lady Proxima with Qi'ra but at the last moment when they were stepping through security, he made it through but Qi'ra was held back.

A very young Han Solo nearly appeared in Revenge of the Sith. It was conceptualised but the go-ahead to put him in the movie didn't have the go-ahead needed. The young Han Solo would be being looked after by Chewbacca. Best Life.

Imperial Navy and Army

After being separated from Qira, he signed up to the Imperial Navy to become a pilot, he hoped he would be able to come back to Corellia and rescue Qi'ra. Up until this point, he didn't have a name, he was simply known as Han. The Imperial recruiter gave him the surname Solo and it stuck. His time in the Navy wasn't very long, he was kicked out for insubordination and was forced to join the Army which he didn't like.

During a battle on Mimban, he noticed some people stealing Imperial supplies and wanted in unfortunately, it didn't work out too well and he was arrested and put in a cell with Chewbacca. Working together, Han and Chewbacca would escape and join the thieves and escape the hell hole. Han would no longer work for the Imperial military again.

Han's Friends and Business Acquaintances


Chewbacca, a centuries old Wookie has been Han's companion since they were locked up together on Mimban. The two would form a close friendship that last. Chewbacca, although he only moans and groans, they are both able to understand one another even if on screen they only don't seem to.

Chewbacca is not only a great support, he is also able to pilot a craft as well as Han Solo. The only time that the two are separated for a long time after their first meet is when Han is frozen in carbonite.

Tobias Beckett

Tobias Beckett is a criminal who works for whoever he wants. Han comes into contact with Tobias when Han is stationed on Mimban and Tobias is stealing Imperial supplies. Han manages to join Tobias's crew. The first job that they do doesn't go well due to being interrupted by Enfys Nest . Tobias's girlfriend is killed and the pilot of their craft is killed forcing Tobias to work with Han and Chewbacca.

Tobias warns Han that he will be betrayed but doesn't state who and when it does come, it is a surprise to Han. Although they had worked together to get the Coaxium for the Crimson Dawn syndicate, Tobias betrays Han to Dryden Vos. Han manages to survive Dryden Vos and then confronts Tobias over being stabbed in the back by him. Han ends up shooting dead his one time friend.

Lando Calrissian

Whilst the Millennium Falcon is seen as being Han Solo's craft, it was not always the way. The Millennium Falcon first belong to a gambler called Lando Calrissian. Han Solo is introduced to Lando by Qi'ra as they are in need of a craft to steal some ore and the only place that they can get the necessary ore is from the mines of Kessel. Han tries to win the ship in a game of Sabacc but is unable to so does a deal with Lando in order to fulfil the job he is on.

After the job, Lando leaves Han Solo on Savareen without taking his share of the winnings. Han catches up with Lando on Numidian Prime, a jungle planet. Han challenges Lando but this time, Han works out how Lando cheats and prevents him from doing it again.

Whilst future events between Lando and Han Solo aren't revealed in detail, it is safe to say, their friendship gets stronger. When Han Solo is in need of help whilst fleeing from Imperial Navy, he turns to Lando for help at Cloud City, Bespin.

Lando betrays Han and the others to The Galactic Empire who have arrived before them. After having his deal with Darth Vader broken, Lando swaps sides again and frees Han's colleagues. Lando would go on to attempt to rescue Han from being frozen in carbonite whilst disguised as a guard at Jabba, the Hutt's palace on Tatooine.

Jabba, the Hutt

Jabba is a notorious Hutt who is based on the desert planet of Tatooine, a desert planet. Jabba, the Hutt is first mentioned by Tobias on Savereen as someone looking to recruit people for a job but doesn't mention him by name but is strongly implied. Although the first meeting is never shown.

Jabba required Han to transport some illict goods but Han jettisoned the goods when a Star Destroyer was approaching him. From that moment on, Han became a marked man. Jabba sent Greedo, a Rodian after Han who caught up with Han in a cantina in Mos Eisley. Jabba also met Han in a parking bay for the Millennium Falcon. In the original scene, Jabba was an overweight man but this was changed to a slug like creation in the third film.

Jabba would eventually get Han Solo in carbonite after Darth Vader captured him on Bespin. Darth Vader was not interested in Han, he just wanted Luke Skywalker. Han frozen in carbonite was given to Boba Fett to deliver to Jabba

A small group of the rebels including the droid ( R2-D2 and C-3PO ) would travel to Tatooine, defrost Han Solo, kill Jabba and escape and get back to the rest of the Rebel Alliance Fleet.

Luke Skywalker

Han first meets Luke Skywalker in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Obi-Wan Kenobi was looking to be taken to Alderaan. From that moment on, they would create a bond between them.

When Luke Skywalker was missing on Hoth as night was drawing in, Han would venture out on a Taun-Taun to go and find his friend. Against high odds from C-3PO, Han would find his friend and protect him until they were able to be rescued by other Rebel Alliance personnel.

Luke Skywalker would return the rescue when Han Solo is captured and delivered to Jabba, the Hutt. Luke Skywalker would be part of a team that would at first try to persuade Jabba to release Han and then by force.

Maz Kanata

Its not clear as to when Han meets Maz Kanata but he returns to her on Takodana. Han is hoping that Maz will be able to put him in touch with the Resistance. Eventually both the Resistance and The First Order arrive on the planet to battle it out. Maz will disappear and return in the next episode.

Han Solo's Family and Relationships

As mentioned above, in the early years of his life, Han was an orphan, he didn't even have a surname. He was part of a criminal organisation rule by a white worm called Lady Proxima. His parentage is not revealed in canon at least. All we know is that Han Solo was born and raised on Corellia, his home planet. He had two serious relationships, Qi'ra who was his girlfriend on Coreilla and Princess Leia Organa-Solo who would be his girlfriend and wife when he joined the Rebel Alliance.


During his time working for Lady Proxima, Han has a girlfriend called Qi'ra who is the same age as him. She is similar to his more famous girlfriend in that she is a white female with brown hair. They are both petty criminals, both trying to make living.

Han wants to get off the planet and has a plan but when it comes to putting it into action, the plan doesn't work out. The two lovers get to the space port to get off the planet but Qi'ra is held back at the security port forcing Han to go on and making a promise he will come back for her.

Three years later, Han comes across Qi'ra on the craft of Dryden Vos, a galactic criminal. After they had been separated, Qi'ra had been sold on by Lady Proxima's crime gang to Crimson Dawn which is how they became reunited.

Dryden Vos wants to kill Han and Tobias but is persuaded to give them one more chance to get the coaxium ore that Enfys Nest interuption had caused their first shipment is destroyed. Qi'ra is instructed to go with Han and Tobias to ensure that it is done properly. Qi'ra has become a trusted member of the Crimson Dawn and has done things that are extremely depressing and horrible.

When the ore is stolen from Kessel, it is refined on Savareen and then handed over to Dryden Vos. Dryden doesn't realise that the fuel is the actual fuel and not the fake fuel which Han had told Tobias he would give Dryden. In the ensuing fight, Qi'ra would kill Dryden but leave Han Solo to leave.

The last thing that Qi'ra does is to take Dryden's craft to Dathomir and see Darth Maul who is the leader of the Crimson Dawn. Crimson Dawn is a crime syndicate in Star Wars.

Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia is the more famous of Han Solo's relationships. She was introduced at the same time as Han Solo. Princess Leia of Alderaan was the adopted daughter of Bail Organa and a leading member of the Rebel Alliance seeking to bring down the Empire.

The relationship between the two isn't smooth, they are at each others throats at the start because all Han is interested in is money whereas Leia is interested in seeing the destruction of the Galactic Empire.

The first time Han Solo and Princess Leia meet is when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are dressed as stormtroopers rescuing her onboard the Death Star.

On Hoth, Leia tries to persuade Han to stay because they need a good pilot but Han suspects it is something else. When they are forced to flee the planet, Han takes Leia in the Millennium Falcon to Bespin. Whilst they are in the Millennium Falcon, Han and Leia try to kiss but their moment is interrupted by C-3PO who announces that there is something wrong with the Falcon and then the moment has gone.

On Bespin when Han is about to be frozen, Leia reveals she does in fact love him, something he retorts with he knows.

Leia joins a group of Rebel Alliance personnel to rescue Han from Jabba, the Hutt where he is a wall ornament. Leia attempts a solo rescue disguised as a bounty hunter named Bossk. Leia is caught when Han has been defrosted and forced to wear a metal bikini.

The relationship between the two characters continues to grown between them both on screen and "off-screen". They work together to bring down the shield generators on the moon of Endor allowing the final assault on the Second Death Star.

Off-Screen relationship meaning those covered in the extended universe rather than on screen or real life. In the extended universe, "The Courtship of Princess Leia", Han faces a challenge to his relationship with Princess Leia but his love for her will eventually win through.

In Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens, the events of the Courtship are not touched on as everything in the extended universe is no longer canon. However, Han Solo and Princess Leia do marry and have a child and name him Ben Solo.

Over time, Ben Solo would be corrupted by the Dark Side and influenced by Supreme Leader Snoke. He would turn his back on his parentage and join the First Order.

Because of what happened to Ben Solo, their son, their relationship fell apart. Han returned to what he knew best and that was being a smuggler. Han somehow lost his ship which would end up on Jakku.

Han would be reunited with Princess now General Leia on Takodana when Han helps Rey and Finn to get to the Resistance. The Rebel Alliance has now become the Resistance.

The Rebel Alliance

Recruited by the Rebel Alliance

Han was hired by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine to deliver a group to Alderaan for which he would be paid hansomly. When the planet was destroyed, the Millennium Faclon was captured by a tractor beam and taken aboard the Death Star. Luke Skywalker persuaded Han to rescue Princess Leia which he reluctantly does and only does it for the money. They manage to rescue the princess and escape the Death Star.

Although he doesn't want to be involved with the Rebel Alliance, he has a change of heart and helps Luke Skywalker to blow up the Death Star. Han Solo returns to Yavin IV as a hero and a member of the Rebel Alliance.

General Han Solo

During his time with the Rebel Alliance, he travels with the Rebel Alliance to Hoth where they are hiding from the Galactic Empire. When they are forced to flee the base, Han Solo takes Princess Leia and the droids away from the planet and eventually to Bespin where they meet Lando Calrissian who will betray him to Darth Vader.

Han is handed over to Jabba, the Hutt as a wall ornament but is rescued by his Rebel Alliance colleagues. Han volunteers to take a small team down to the Moon of Endor to destroy the shield generator so that a team led by Lando Calrissian can destroy the second Death Star.

After the Empire

After Emperor Palpatine has been killed and the Empire is dissolved, Han Solo and Princess Leia will marry. They will have a son, Ben Solo who will be trained in the ways of the force. When Ben turns to the dark side, Han will leave the Rebel Alliance and become a smuggler, a trader once more.

Han will loose the Millennium Falcon which will turn up on Jakku, a desert planet in the unexplored part of the galaxy. Han will manage to get the Falcon back and once again be involved with the Rebel Alliance, now renamed as the Resistance.

Han Solo's Death

Han will lead a small team onto Starkiller Base to deactivate the shield so that an X-Wing squadron captained by Poe Dameron can attack and destroy the planet destroying weapon. Whilst on the planet, he will confront his son who now calls himself Kylo Ren. Whilst Kylo might show some signs of humanity, ultimately, the dark side will win through and kill Han Solo. When Han Solo dies, Princess Leia feels the pain of death even though she is nowhere near the planet when it happens.

Han Solo Controversies

Han Shot First

In Star Wars - A New Hope . Han faces Greedo whose been sent by Jabba, the Hutt to track down Han. During their conversation, there is gun fire between the two. In the original, Han shoots Greedo first but in the special edition, it is made so that Han shoots in retaliation for bad shot by Greedo.

It has since been revealed that according to George Lucas, Han retailated because Greedo shot. George didn't want Han to be a cold bloodied killer so had him shoot second second as a response to being shot at. Youtube

Hans Death at hands of his Son

Han Solo is one of the favourite characters of the franchise. To kill off the character would upset everyone but that is what Harrison Ford wanted. He felt that killing the character would make it a stronger character. Fans of the character disagreed. George Lucas kept vetoing the death.

Han's death came about when George Lucas no longer had control over the franchise. Han confronts his son, Ben Solo now known as Kylo Ren and after what seems like a reconciliation, Ben kills his father.

Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is Han Solo's space ship which he won from Lando Calrissian in a game of Sabacc. Han Solo doesn't have a home or a residence, he lives on his Millennium Falcon with his companion, Chewbacca. If he ever had to put an address, it'd just be Millennium Falcon.

Sometime after the Battle of the Moon of Endor, Han leaves Leia and returns as a smuggler, a trader with Chewbacca by his side. He somehow looses the craft which ends up at Unkar Plutt junkyard. When Rey and Finn need a craft to get off the planet, they steal the Millennium Falcon.

Kessel Run

The planet Kessel is a planet within a nebula where Coaxium is mined. The planet is mined and guarded by a rival crime syndicate to the Crimson Dawn. There is only one direct route in an out of the nebula and that is heavily guarded. Han Solo describes the Millennium Falcon as doing the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs.

The problem with the twelve parsecs is that its a unit of distance not speed. The producers got round the problem of parsecs by saying that the Millennium Falcon found a short-cut through the nebula in twelve parsecs.


When Lando's droid L3-37 is destroyed on Kessel, the navigational computer is uploaded into the Millennium Falcon. The memory being uploaded was a nod to Han Solo telling C-3PO that he needed to communicate with the ships computer to find a way for them to get to their destination.

Harrison Ford and the Role

The role has always been played by Harrison Ford for three of the five movies the character has been in. Although played by Alden in the prequel, Harrison Ford will forever be remembered for his role. When the producers began the search to play the leads, they wanted someone fresh and someone new who the audience hadn't met before. The producers interviewed many well known actors for the role including Kurt Russell who would later get his own science fiction movie role in the first Stargate film. They would all be turned down.

Harrison was used by the producers to interact with the actors, to be someone they could spar with so to speak. George Lucas had previously cast Harrison Ford in a film called American Graffiti which how he had known him. After all the screen testing, they decided to hand the role to Harrison as he had the right charisma and the chemistry with the other leads, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Harrison had wanted his character killed off by the end of the second film, Empire Strike Back when he was frozen in carbonite but George had vetoed the idea. Harrison again wanted his character killed off in Return of the Jedi but again it was vetoed. However, Harrison got his wish in the Force Awakens when there was no George Lucas around to veto the decision. George Lucas had sold off the rights to Star Wars to Disney so couldn't veto it.

Harrison was always indebted to the Star Wars films for his meteoric rise to stardom so he didn't simply want nothing more to do with it. Harrison was also known for his role as archaeologist indiana Jones who in his fourth film in that role goes in search of ancient alien technology rather than something religious.

Han Solo Facts

Alien RaceCorellian
AllegianceThe Rebel Alliance
LovePrincess Leia
ActorHarrison Ford
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