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Ensign Harry Kim - Star Trek - Voyager

Harry Kim from Star Trek - Voyager played by Garrett Wang.

Harry Kim is a fictional male Human in the Star Trek - Voyager television series who was played on screen by Garrett Wang. Harry Kim holds the rank of Ensign within the USS Voyager.

Harry Kim looks up to Tom Paris as a friend and someone who can advise him on the technicalities of love. In the first episode, Harry upsets Quark on board the Deep Space Nine, he had to be rescued by Tom Paris.

Harry Kim's Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

Non Sequitur

Harry Kim wakes up in his apartment with his fiancé but somethings not right. Harry tries to go about his business but doesn't believe what is happening is real. Harry discovers that a race of aliens have messed up the timeline. Harry seeks out the help of Tom Paris who at first doesn't believe and want to get involved. Eventually, Tom Paris comes to Harrys aid and helps him to get reality back on track.

Favorite Son

An alien race make Harry Kim believe he is their Favorite Son and that he has come home. The truth is that he's not from their world and is indeed from Earth. The alien were acting like more day Psirens, creatures from Ancient Grecian stories which would lure sailors to their deaths.

Harry Kim Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Voyager
SpaceshipUSS Voyager
ActorGarrett Wang
Last UpdatedWednesday, September 18, 2019

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