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Brendan 'Hotdog' Constanza

Brendan 'Hotdog' Constanza

Brendan 'Hotdog' Constanza is a fictional male Human Pilot in the Battlestar Galactica series. The character was portrayed on screen by Bodie Olmos. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Battlestar Galactica. After an incident that occurred on a hanger bay which resulted in the deaths of many Colonial Viper pilots, Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) is ordered to train new pilots. One of the new pilots is Brendan Constanza. Act of Contrition

He is a relatively minor character compared to the other characters. His main storyline is that after Cally's death, Cally's son is ill and a blood test is carried out. The tests prove that Cpl. Galen Tyrol is not the father as everyone believed but it is in fact Hotdog. Whilst drunk, Tyrol confronts Hotdog and breaks the news to him and forces Hotdog to look after the child until he (Tyrol) sobers up.

Brendan is played by the real-life son of Commander William Adama actor Edward James Olmos.

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