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Senate, Imperial Royal and Elite Praetorian Guards is a fictional Human in the Star Wars film series . The Royal Guards and the Elite Praetorian guards are similar in that they are personal bodyguards and are both faceless crimson clothed experts in combat. Whilst the Royal Guards have a black eye stripe, the Praetorians are completely covered. The Royal Guards wore cloth over their bodies, the Praetorians would be seen wearing just armor. We never see them without their masks except in the expanded universe. It is assumed that all the guards are in fact human males.

Imperial Royal Guards

The Imperial Royal Guards first made an appearance when Emperor Palpatine arrived on the second Death Star at the start of Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi. These guards flanked and protected the Emperor whilst on the station.

They left their post when Darth Vader came to visit the Emperor which was the Emperor greatest mistake. Eventually, Darth Vader would turn back to the light side to save his son Luke Skywalker from being killed by the Emperor's electricity.

Imperial Royal Guards made a brief appearance in Star Wars - Rogue One where they are seen protected Darth Vader who was in a medical chamber on Mustafar. Director Krennic had come to visit Darth Vader for help against Grand Moff Tarkin who had just relieved Krennic of his role onboard the Death Star.

Training and the Death of the Emperor

Although their upbringing and training is not explained in the movies, there is the Crimson Sage graphic novel which does go into a little of their background. The novel is no longer canon since Disney took over the rights of Lucasfilm.

The wannabe guards were trained and selected on Inchorr whose original inhabitants had been cleanse d so that the guards could be trained in secret. They would train and fight including fights to the death to ensure that only the best would be selected. The Crimson Saga followed a Kir Kanos, a guard as he tried to survive. Another guard, Carnor Jax had assumed control of the group.

Kir Kanos would grow close to Mirith Sinn, a woman whose allegiance is to The Rebel Alliance. Their paths would cross many times and would feel an attraction to one another but Kir's devotion to the Palpatine scuppered any chance of romance.

Elite Praetorian Guards

Elite Praetorian Guards in The Last Jedi

The Elite Praetorian Guards are to Supreme Leader Snoke what the Imperial Royal Guards are to Emperor Palpatine. The Praetorians are the personal bodyguards of Snoke. In the timeline when the Emperor was killed, the Royal Guards would have swapped allegiance direct to the Snoke probably.

Unlike the Royal Imperials, we see the Elite Praetorians in action against Kylo Ren and Rey. Rey had been brought before Snoke and Snoke was torturing Rey to make her change sides but Rey was resisting. Kylo Ren saw his opportunity and decided to kill Snoke and assume command.

When the Emperor had died, the Elite Praetorians took up swords and tried to kill Kylo Ren and Rey which was a signal for an epic fight in the Supreme Leaders chamber. It didn't go well for the Praetorian Guards.

Senate Guards

Senate Guard from Star Wars

The precursor to both the Imperial and the Elite Praetorians were the Senate Guards. They were dressed in blue and black and unlike their red cousins, you were able to see their faces, albeit their mouths.

When Vice-Chancellor Palpatine at that time created the first Galactic Empire, these guards allegiances would have moved from the Senate to the Empire. They would have swapped their clothes for new red ones. Unlike newly registered Royal Guards, the Senate Guards wouldn't have needed to have gone through the same training such as fighting to the death.

They appeared briefly in the films but appeared more in the Clone War cartoon series.

Senate, Imperial Royal and Elite Praetorian Guards Facts

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