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Irisa - Defiance

Irisa from Defiance played by Stephanie Leonidas.

Irisa is a fictional female Irathient in the Defiance television series who was played on screen by Stephanie Leonidas. Irisa is the adopted daughter of Joshua Nolan, the main protagonist in the series. Jeb rescued Irisa before she was about to be killed. Jeb felt sorry for her and brought her up as his own daughter.

Jeb Nolan was driving his daughter to Antarctica which was now a tropical paradise to start a new life when they came to Defiance. They weren't planning on staying, just the supplies then be on their way. Jeb Nolan took part in the defence of the town against Volge. They're persuaded to stay with Jeb becoming the senior lawmaker in the town.

Irisa's Style

Irisa has a quick temper and one that acts first thinks later. Irisa intervened in a Castithan punishment ceremony, one that caused friction in the community. Irisa frequently helps Jeb with bringing those wanted to justice. She is very spiritual and her nick name that other Irathients call her is 'Little Wolf'.

Irisa hardly ever seen without her knives which are strapped to her back. When Irisa attends Alak Tarrs wedding to Christie McCawley, she wears a dress. Tommy remarks about no weapons to which Irisa pulls up her dress and shows a knife strapped to her thigh.

Irisa's Disappearance

When Irisa disappears, Jeb Nolan begins a massive search across the whole of the United States to find his adopted daughter. Jeb finally manages to track his daughter to Los Angeles and they both come back to the town.


Irzu is a Castithan deity who becomes real for Irisa in the second series. At the end of the first series, Irzu makes her first appearance. Over the course of the second series, Irzu manipulates Irisa over the course of many episodes. Irzu gives Irisa the ability to self heal no matter how grave the damage is. Irisa also passes stuff between her and her victim from her mouth.

Irzu manages to make Irisa launch an all out attack on New York before being rescued. The effect of what she has done is to make her less confident in her actions. When she's called upon to fight, she has a breakdown.

Tommy Lasalle

She has an on-off relationship with Tommy Lasalle, a lawmaker in the town. At the end of "The Serpent's Egg", they make love on the floor of the lawmakers office. It has come at the end of an episode where Irisa has confronted a Castithan who she believed was involved in a situation where Irisa believed she was going to die. The Casisthan, Daigo admits he is the person that Irisa thinks he is but instead of killing Daigo, Irisa lets him go in the belief that releasing him will do more harm than killing him.

The End

When Joshua sents Irisa back to Earth from the Omec space ship in orbit, Joshua stays onboard to control the Omec ship as it finds another planet for the Omec to live on. Irisa becomes the new Lawkeeper in the town of Defiance. She won't forget her adoptive father.

Irisa Facts

Alien RaceIrathient
AllegianceThe City of Defiance
ActorStephanie Leonidas
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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