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James Bond is a fictional male Human secret agent in the James Bond, 007 film series who was played on screen by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig. James Bond was born in November and that is the only thing that most sites on the Internet can agree on. The common date for his birth in the literary world is the 11th, Armistice Day when the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War.

James was an only child. If you're wondering, the date of his birthday makes James born under the Zodiac constellations of Scorpion. However if you prescribe to the 13 signs of the Zodiac including Ophiuchus, the Serpent Wrestler, then James would be a Libran immaterial of whether born on the 11th or 16th of November.

James Bond has always been reinvented with different actors playing the role. The producers had thought about having a storyline that explained why he looked different but they choose against that idea, thinking it would be seen as patronising.

James Bond Origins

James Bond, although he's seen as the world's most famous fictional Englishman, he's not. James Bond was born to Andrew and Monique Bond. Andrew Bond was a Scotsman and Monique was Andrew's Swiss wife. He is therefore, Swiss-Scottish by nationality. James never had any siblings.

James Bond was bought up in Scotland at the Skyfall Manor where he returns to kill Raoul Silva in the film Skyfall. He admits in Skyfall that he never liked the place and had no regrets about it being destroyed. In Skyfall, there is a gravestone at a church showing where James' parent were buried.

James's parents were killed in a mountaineering accident forcing James to live with is aunt. His Aunt who sent away to school at Eton from where he then progressed to Cambridge getting a first in Oriental languages. During his time growing up, he spent time with Hannes Oberhauser who son Franz Oberhauser grew jealous of and would eventually kill his father and fake his death.

James Bond joined the Navy and got promoted to Commander. James was recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service or as its more commonly known M.I.6. M.I.6. (Military Intelligence Section 6) is equivalent to America's C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) He always tries to mix business with pleasure with his gambling, drinking and love of women.

Why James Bond is called 007

James Bond is a member of a small section of the Secret Intelligence Service known as the Double-O section. Each agent in the group is assigned OO and then a number. There are more than nine agents, 0012 was killed off in The World is Not Enough. Other agents have been mentioned, 006 (Alec Trevelyan) would be James' antagonist in Goldeneye.

OO means Eyes Only rather than say standing for Overseas Operations. OOs all have license to kill and answer directly to M. To be a OO agent, you have to have two kills under your belt. For James, to gain his OO status, he was assigned to kill a diplomat who was passing on state secrets and his contact. He despatched both and was promptly promoted which M would later regret.

The Name's Bond, James Bond

James has an unique way of introducing himself. He wasn't the first person to say a name in that format in the films, the first was Sylvia Trench in Doctor No. The unique way is synonymous with his character now. Daniel Craig had to wait until the end of his first film before he could say the famous catchphrase whereas for Sean Connery it was one of the first things he said.

Shaken, not Stirred

James Bond's favourite drink is Vodka Martini shaken, not Stirred. It was originally stirred not shaken but the producers felt it was better than it be shaken first and not the other way round.

Felix Leiter

Felix Leiter is James' Bond main contact and friend in the C.I.A. organisation. His character has always been a small part character rather than a main character. The first actor to play Felix Leiter was Jack Lord from Hawaii 5'O fame. When Jack Lord wanted a bigger slice of the action, the producers said no and he was dropped to be replaced by another actor.

Like James Bond, Felix Leiter's been played by a number of actors down the road. David Hedison was the first actor to play the role of Felix Leiter on a second occasion in Licence to Kill. In Licence to Kill, Felix was fed to sharks by a drug lord getting his own back on the C.I.A.

When Ian Fleming wrote about Felix Leiter being fed to sharks, there was an "uproar" which forced Ian Fleming to bring back Felix Leiter as a private detective to help James Bond.

Jeffrey Wright is the second actor to play Felix Leiter on screen more than once. Jeffrey appeared in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and as yet unnamed James Bond 25.

How Felix Leiter met James Bond

James Bond had been sent to ensure that Le Chiffre would loose all his money at a high stakes poker game. In the book, Le Chiffre was a Soviet spy who had lost the money on a series of failed business ventures and the game was seen as a way of getting the money back. In the film, Le Chiffre had bet against the aerospace industry and had lost all hs clients money when James Bond prevented a terrorist attack on an airplance unveiling ceremony.

The C.I.A. sent Felix to play the game as well. Felix knew who James Bond was but not the other way round. James lost all the money that the treasury had given him and Vesper Lynd refused to sanction any more money. Felix stepped in, introduced himself and gave James the money he needed to beat Le Chiffre which he did.

James Bond's Enemies

James Bond's enemies have always been fictional terrorists, he's never taken on the I.R.A. or Al Qaeda. In the original stories written by Ian Fleming, his prime enemy was SMERSH, an organisation with links to the Russian government. To translate SMERSH into movies would be fraught with problems so the enemy became SPECTRE unaligned to any government.

He has had to both work with The K.G.B. , Russian Intelligence service as it was known during the cold war in The Spy Who Loved Me and also against in terms of beating them to the prize. For Your Eyes Only

For a long time, SPECTRE was not mentioned because EON Productions was involved in a legal disagreement with producer Kevin McCrory over aspects of the naming rights. In its place was Quantum which was headed by Mr White. However when the legal matters ended, SPECTRE returned in Spectre.

James Bond's friends (M.I.6. and C.I.A.)

James Bond answers to his boss 'M' whose letter is derived from the fact that in the real M.I.6. , the head of the organisation is called 'C' after the first chief, Captain George Mansfield Cumming-Smith who used to write the letter 'C' on papers of interest in green ink.

James Bond is famous for partnering up with a female to bring down the terrorists along with the Aston Martin and gadgets that are built by Q.

M's secretary Miss Moneypenny had a soft spot for James Bond which antagonised many feminists. However, during the Pierce Brosnan era, they tried to change that, only to fall back on type in Die Another Day when Miss Moneypenny imagined herself with Bond in a Virtual Reality training program. When Moneypenny returned in Skyfall, played by Naomi Harris, Moneypenny had a first name Eva and she was a field agent who at the end of the film decided to a desk job.

In the books, James Bond is a loner and that the only friend he has in the service is Bill Tanner who is the M.I.6. chief of staff. Bill Tanner has been played by a number of actors, the most recent by Rory Kinnear who first took up the role in Quantum of Solace in 2008.

The first ever time James Bond was made into entertainment, it was for American television, the 00 became Jimmy Bond and was an agent for The C.I.A. and Felix Leiter worked for British Intelligence. Soon after, it was turned into a film series and the rest is history.

Film and Television Productions

The films are produced by Eon Productions which is mainly owned by the Broccoli family who have controlled nearly every James Bond film except Casino Royale, the David Niven version and Never Say Never Again which is an official remake of Thunderball with Sean Connery returning as James Bond.

The first Bond film at the cinema was Doctor No which was released in 1962 and from that point on, cinema had changed for ever. James Bond has been going strong for fifty plus years and its estimated that more than half the world population has seen a James Bond film.

The Bond films were admittedly getting a bit stale when Die Another Day came out. The producers were always trying to outdo the previous film with gadgets but Die Another Day took the biscuit with the Invisible Car. After Pierces four film contract had ended, they started from anew with Daniel Craig as Bond having just been prompted to rank of a double O agent. The OO means Eyes Only.

The Space Connection

There are a few obvious and non-obvious space connections with Bond. The idea for including Bond on this site is to point out the space connections.

9007 James Bond

The asteroid 9007 was dedicated to the fictional character. When Anton Mrkos, the discoverer of the asteroid noticed that the I.D. would be 9007. Anton decided it was only fitting that the asteroid be dedicated to the character.

Doctor No

Doctor No is attempting to interfere with the U.S. Space Mercury programme from his hide-out in the Carribean using radio waves. The film was the first James Bond film to be shot as the rights to Casino Royale had been bought by someone else.


James Bond ventured out into space only once in Moonraker but has been on terra firma ever since. The film sees James Bond trying to stop Hugo Drax from wiping out all life on earth whilst a select few are safely protected from the virus aboard a spacestation. With the help of Doctor Holly Goodhead, he travels to the station to prevent disaster. The first Star Wars movie had just come out and the producers would seem to have wanted to jump on the space band-wagon. Moonraker refers to the name of the space shuttles that Drax uses to get to his spacestation.

The book was different, instead of going into Outer space, the whole story takes place in England. Hugo Drax is still the enemy but instead of wiping out the world, he wanted to destroy London with a nuclear missile called Moonraker.

The enemy has used satellites to great effect to threaten or destroy the world.

Diamonds are Forever

James Bond's arch-enemy Blofeld uses a laser armed satellite to destroy nuclear weapons and then to sell the device to the highest bidder for nuclear supremacy. The diamonds in the title are used to power the laser. Bond doesn't causes the destruction of the satellite.


Goldeneye was originally the name of Ian Flemings' hideaway in Jamaica where he wrote the James Bond stories. The name was given to two satellites from the cold war that when they explode over a target, they create an Electro-Magnetic Pulse which would render all electronic devices useless. Alec Trevelyan, a one-time friend of Bonds gets control of one of the Goldeneye, intending to activate it over London and become rich.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Elliot Carver uses satellites to send the HMS Devonshire off-course and into Chinese territorial waters. Elliot is hoping to start a nuclear war between China and Britain in order to boost ratings. China rejected a broadcasting licence for Elliot which is why he is targeting them.

Die Another Day

Gustav Graves plans to use the Icarus satellite to destroy the minefield that separates the North and South Koreas. The Korean war never officially ended, both sides called an armistace. With the destruction of the minefield, Gustav is hoping that the North Korean army will pore into South Korean and conquor the South once and for all.

Casino Royale

After James Bond has stopped the terrorist from attacking Madagascar, he uses what looks like advanced satellite technology to see who the terrorist was trying to contact with his mobile device. The satellite imagery allows Bond to zoom in to see who has made the call.


James Bond tracks down Oberhauser to a meteor crater in the middle of the Morrocan desert. In a brief scene where Bond and Oberhauser meet, Oberhauser shows Bond the small meteorite that caused the large crater.

The Actors

James Bond has been played by a number of different actors since he was first on the big screen by Sean Connery. When Sean didn't want to play the character anymore, they turned to George Lazenby who only made one film before Sean Connery returned for one last time in the official series. They didn't say Bond had plastic surgery to say why he looked different which if they did, they thought the viewers wouldn't like it. Roger Moore took on the role in the seventies and has played the smooth the most times. When a reboot was called for, a youthful Daniel Craig stepped up to the role and played the spy as though he had just got promoted to 00 section

Who was the first ever James Bond

The first person to play James Bond on film was Sean Connery bit wasn't the first to actually play him on screen. Before Sean, Barry Nelson played Jimmy Bond in an Americanised version of Casino Royale. It was only an episode in the Climax series. Instead of 007 being British, he was a C.I.A. agent and Felix was from British Intelligence instead.

Bob Holness, who in the United Kingdom is famous for presenting Blockbusters, the quiz show was the second person to play James Bond. Bob's version was only on the radio, broadcast a year after Barry Nelson in 1955.

James Bond was spoofed in Casino Royale with multiple James Bond. David Niven played Sir James Bond, brought out of retirement to save the world against Jimmy Bond, his nephew. It not be until EON Productions gained the full rights to the book in the early 2000's that a proper version of the first book was created with a contemporary flavour.

Notable Bond Girls

James Bond would always work alongside a female. They were used to be known as Bond Girls but that term has been classified as sexist and no longer used. A more up to date term is Bond Woman or Bond Partner.

Vesper Lynd

Vesper Lynd was the name of the female that the Treasury had sent to assist Bond in trying to make Le Chiffre loose all his money. Vesper and James didn't get on to well but they would eventually fall in love. Unbeknown to James, Vesper was being blackmailed into helping Quantum / Russians in getting Le Chiffre's money. It worked, James fell for Vesper's charms. James would fall for Vesper and decided to resign before discovering that he had been betrayed. Vesper killed herself when James came after her for the money.

Paris Carver

Paris Carver was the wife of the Media Mogul, Elliot Carver. When Paris and James meet at a Carver Media presentation, Paris slaps James Bond round the face. They had had a previous relationship before she married Elliot. When Elliot discovers the truth behind their relationship, Elliot orders his wife to be assassinated and James Bond to be framed.

Kissy Suzuki

In the literary version of You Only Live Twice, James Bond has a relationship with Kissy Suzuki. It is revealed that she is pregnant. The child reaches out to James Bond in the short "Blast from the Past" but before James and his son meet, James Jr. is killed. The sons death was revent for the death of Irma Blunt, a SPECTRE again killed by James Bond.

Madeleine Swan

Madeleine Sawn is the daughter of Mr White, the head of the Quantum crime organisation. James Bond promises Mr White that he will protect his daughter and carries out the promise. Madeleine Swan is the first Bond Woman to appear in more than one Bond film.

At the end of Spectre, James Bond is seen driving away with Madeleine. In Bond #25, James is still with Madeleine and has seemingly retired from the service before being back in. It is rumoured that Madeleine will be killed off early in the film allowing James to be partnered with another female.

James Bond Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorSean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig
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