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James 'Jimmy' Olsen - Justice League

James 'Jimmy' Olsen from Justice League played by Marc McClure.

James 'Jimmy' Olsen is a fictional male Human news photographer in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Marc McClure. James is the news photographer who works alongside Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the headquarters of the Daily Planet. The Daily Planet is the fictional newspaper produced in Metropolis. Most of the time, he is referred to as just Jimmy, only James when its official. At Jimmy's funeral in Smallville, his fullname is revealed as Henry James Olsen.

Justice League

In the Justice League film, Jimmy is played by Michael Cassidy. The character is a photographer who has gone with Lois Lane to visit a warlord. James reveals himself to be an agent of the C.I.A. and is subsequently shot dead.

It wasn't the first time that Michael had starred in a Superman production. Years earlier, Michael had starred as Grant Gabriel, an editor in the Daily Mail. His character only appeared in a number of episodes before being killed. Grant was an aged clone of Julian Luthor, bother of Lex Luthor who had died when Lex was young.

Christopher Reeve Superman

James is played by Marc McClure who is a young, nerdish type of character who unlike his Justice League counterpart survives to live another day.

Adventures of Lois and Clark

The first series, James is played by Michael Landon but is then replaced in subsequent series by Justin Whately. Someone felt that Michael Landon was too similar to Dean Cain who played the lead role. James was unlucky in love. James had a soft spot for Cat Grant, the man-eater in the episode but Cat was interested in everyone but James. When James was set a task to prove a connection and did it, Cat managed to find a way out of the deal.

James wasn't cowardly, when Lois was trapped and when Clark wasn't round, James was able to break into the room where Lois was being held and rescue Lois.


James was played on screen by Aaron Ashmore, whose brother Shawn had appeared in a few series back. Shawn's character was as an antagonist who had after being electrocuted was able to steal Clark's powers.

James was a photographer but he wanted more, in fact, he wanted to be a journalist like Lois and Clark but he never had the opportunity. He managed to capture Clark in action but the picture was a blur but it created a buzz in the newspaper who wanted to know about the blur. Jimmy would eventually discover who the blur was but only just before he was killed by Davis Bloom.

He had a soft spot for Chloe Sullivan which would later see him romance her and then eventually marry her. James had competition for Clark in the form of Davis Bloom who would go on to eventually kill Jimmy at the end of the eighth series.

Jimmy had like the old black and white movies. When Jimmy was knocked out, he dreamed he was living in a black and white world with his friends including Lex Luthor as normal characters in the story. The episode was called Noir which is the french word for Black.


Unlike the other previous versions of the character, this character in the television series is played by Mehcad Brooks, of African-American heritage. All the other previous incarnations have been caucausian. He has a more serious tone to him compared to other versions. The most striking thing is that he prefers to be known as James rather than Jimmy.

Instead of working at the Daily Planet, he has moved to National City to keep an eye on Supergirl. James was instructed to come to National City to keep an eye on Clark's cousin. James knows the identities of both Superman and Supergirl but keeps it a secret.

James works his way up, first starting off as Art Director at CatCo, then eventually becoming the acting C.E.O. when Cat Grant takes a leave of absense. It is during his time at CatCo, that he will come into contact with Kara Danvers. James will eventually romance Kara Danvers during the series.

James tries become a superhero like Supergirl and Man with his identity known as Guardian. His alter ego doesn't last long and is found out forcing him to eventually giving up the role in return for not being prosecuted.

James 'Jimmy' Olsen Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorMarc McClure
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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