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John Crichton - Farscape

John Crichton from Farscape played by Ben Browder.

John Crichton is a fictional male Human astronaut in the Farscape television series who was played on screen by Ben Browder. John Crichton is an astronaut from the IASA (International Aeronautics and Space Administration) rather than NASA. He has a theory of how to obtain transwarp speed and is able to test the theory onboard the 'Farscape One' space ship. When the space ship is put to test, he is catapulted through space to another part of the galaxy or universe. The actual locatio of where he is is never explained except hes at the other side of a wormhole.

Arrival in another part of the Galaxy

When he arrives he bangs into another space ship causing it to career into an asteroid and blow up. From that point onwards, he becomes the target for a fanatical soldier Bialar Crais who believe he purposely destroyed the space ship. The space ship was piloted by Crais' brother.

He is bought onboard the Moya sentinel space ship in the hope that the crew can use the Farscape craft to escape. Onboard the ship is a female Peacekeeper, a Sebacean Aeryn Sun. She is traded with Bialar but things go wrong., Aeryn is sentenced to death for being contaminated by the unknown alien human but John rescues her and they escape.

In I, E.T., the whole notion of alien and native is turned upside down. He becomes the alien on the run from the authorities.

The four series and the mini-series follows John Crichton with the crew of the Moya as they seek to avade The Peacekeepers. John also wants to get home. After the first series, Crais is replaced by Scorpius, a half Sebecean, half-Scarran humanoid to lead the Peacekeepers to capture John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Captain Ka Dargo, the Delvian Priestess Pau Zotoh Zhaan and Chiana. Scorpius whilst interrogating John places a device into John's head. The device causes John to lapse into a state of sub-consciousness where he verbally spars with Scorpius. The device in Crichtons head is there because Scorpius wants to know how to build a wormhole weapon that he can use on the Scarrans. John calls the Scorpius in his head Harvey after the old black and white film about a man who imagines a six-foot rabbit.

Romancing Aeryn Sun

Ever since we were introduced to the character, Aeryn Sun, we knew that these two characters would be romanticising one another. They didn't exactly hit it off straightaway, they never do. Both John and Aeryn were prisoners onboard the Moya when they first meet one another. Over time, their relationship starts hostile then friendship and then onto being lovers, married and having a child together.

At the end of the third series, Aeryn despite protestations from John leaves the Moya crew. At the beginning of the fourth series, with Aeryn still missing, John starts to imagine him and her on the beach. Aeryn Sun is seen in a few scenes in a brown bikini. At the end, Aeryn tells John that he needs to leave as Aeryn's new boyfriend arrives. A few episodes later, Aeryn returns with Scorpius who is regulating her health.

Multiple John Crichtons

In the third series, John is duplicated. When the crew of Moya is forced to split up, one Crichton goes with Aeryn, the other goes elsewhere. The Crichton that is with Aeryn dies from a massive radiation explosion (Infinite Possibilities, Part 2, Icarus Abides) which leaves her heartbroken until the two groups are reunited again.

Return to Earth

John briefly makes it to Earth but when the danger is to much for Earth, he returns to Moya and back to the other area of space. He discovers that the knowledge of how to build the wormhole technology had been placed in his head by an alien race called the 'Ancients',

In the Peacekeeper Wars, he uses knowledge of wormhole technology to force a truce between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans.

Ben Browder

In one of the episodes, he enters a virtual game with Chiana where he becomes John Quixote, based on Don Quixote a legendary fictional Spanish hero. That episode was written by the actor 'Ben Browder' who plays John Crichton. Ben also wrote the episode 'Green Eyed Monster'

In the episode Jeremiah Crichton, he becomes separated from the rest of the crew of Moya and lands on a planet. The inhabitants of the planet are like polynesians on Earth, John grows a beard for the episode and becomes one of the tribe. The episode is homage to Jeremiah Johnson a field reputed to be Ben Browders favourite.

John Crichton Facts

Alien RaceHuman
LoveAeryn Sun
ActorBen Browder
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