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John Diggle - Justice League

John Diggle from Justice League played by David Ramsay.

John Diggle is a fictional male Human in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by David Ramsay. Moira Queen hired John Diggle to protect Oliver Queen but it was not before long that John found out about Oliver's side character, the Hood and resigned his commission. Oliver managed to persuade John to come back and work with him to clear up the city.

John Diggle doesn't use a bow and arrow, he uses a gun when its needed unless he's impersonating the Arrow. Whereas Oliver uses a hood disguise himself, John uses a motorcycle helmet. When both Oliver Queen and the Arrow need to be at the same place, John will take on the role of Arrow so that Oliver can appear in person.

John took on the role of the Arrow when Oliver wanted his mother to reveal what she knew of what Malcolm Merlyn was doing at the end of the first series. John Diggle was an ex-special forces officer who become a bodyguard after leaving the service. John Diggle is played on screen by David Ramsey.

John Diggle was first introduced in the television series as the man hired to bodyguard Oliver Queen. He made his debut a year later in the comic. He has a different storyline and disappears from the storyline after taking on the role of the Arrow without Oliver's permission.

Lyla Michaels and Andy Diggle, Family

John Diggle gets married to Lyla Michael who is a special forces operator like John. Together, they have a daughter which they try to keep safe. The daughter changes and becomes a boy as a result of Flashpoint. Flashpoint is the name given to an event in which Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash runs back in time to save his mother but causes dramatic changes in the future. Lyla works at A.R.G.U.S. and when Amanda Waller is killed, Lyla assumes control of the organisation.

John has a brother, Andy who was in the same special forces group in Afghanistan as John. Andy was believed to have been shot dead by Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot. It was proved to be wrong, H.I.V.E., the organisation controlled by Damian Darhk faked Andy's death and recruited him into the organisation.

When Team Arrow came up against Damian Darhk, Andy would return from the dead. John would try to bring Andy back to the good side which he thought he had. John's trust in Andy eventually led to betrayal and the death of Laurel Lance at the hands of Damian Darhk.

John couldn't bring himself to kill Andy for the betrayal but John would eventually end up killing Andy when Andy threatens his daughters life.

John has appeared in The Flash, most recently when Barry Allen needed help to bring down Clifford DeVoe aka the Thinker who was plaguing Central City with his Metas.


A.R.G.U.S. is short for Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans and is the main Government agency in the D.C. Comics. The organisation is equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) in the Marvel world.

It is a special forces group that is tasked with taking out enemies that normal groups are unable to do. The group has worked alongside Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad which contained Deadshot forcing John to interact with Deadshot as the leader of the group.

John would leave Team Arrow and take up a senior position wihin A.R.G.U.S. at the end of series six. It would put him at odds with Felicity Smoak, the wife of Oliver Queen. John took his role seriously and refused to share information with Felicity.

John Diggle Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorDavid Ramsay
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