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John Jaqobis - Killjoys

John Jaqobis from Killjoys played by Aaron Ashmore.

John Jaqobis is a fictional male Human in the Killjoys television series who was portrayed on screen by Aaron Ashmore. John is Dutch's partner and has been for the past six years. He had not seen his brother D'Avin Jaqobis for eight years until the order came to kill his brother. John meets up with D'avin onboard Arcturus space craft where they fight to the near death however the fight is stopped midway through when Dutch uses a dart to take out D'avin.

John, unlike Dutch is not authorised to kill, he can only apprehend. Where he does kill, he will blame Dutch or use some technicality to say it was self-defence.

John Jaqobis Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Killjoys
ActorAaron Ashmore

Copyright: Syfy

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