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Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis from Farscape played by Tammy MacIntosh.

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis is a fictional female Interon in the Farscape television series who was portrayed on screen by Tammy MacIntosh. Jools for short, she was a young Interon who when she screamed, she could melt metal although non-metals were unaffected. She joined the crew of Moya when she was defrosted in Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1, Coulda Woulda, Shoulda.

She remained with the crew right up to the point where they all had to go their separate ways in (Dog with Two Bones). She assisted Bialar Crais in putting together an alien that had been blown apart. The alien would allow them to identify who amongst the new arrivals was a traitor and had been behind some sabotage. (Fractures).

Reunion on Arnessk

She would later reappear on Arnessk when John Crichton visits it in the Peacekeeper Wars. She decides to get close to John but hadn't reckoned on the fact that Aeryn Sun was with them.

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis Facts

Alien RaceInteron
ActorTammy MacIntosh

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Jool was Farscape's best asset after Zhaan left. It was such a shame they wrote her out of season 4.