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Joseph Adama - Battlestar Galactica

Joseph Adama from Battlestar Galactica played by Esai Morales.

Joseph Adama is a fictional male Human lawyer in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Esai Morales. Joseph Adama is the father of William Adama who will eventually go on to lead the Battlestar Galactica as it flees from the twelve colonies in the hope that they can find Earth. His brother Sam Adama is a hitman for the mob. Joseph is a lawyer who represents criminals on the planet of Caprica. As the series goes on, Joseph becomes less involved in the legal side and becomes more in the murky side of the Tauren crime syndicate.

Joseph's Family

The Adama family's bloodline is from Tauron not Caprica. Sam and Joseph left when there was a civil war and moved to Caprica where William Adama was later born. Despite protestations from his mother, he never took William to their birthplanet. Sam tried to teach the young William Adama the history of Tauron.

Adama's wife Shanoon and daughter Tamara Adama is killed in an bomb explosion on board a train,the same train that killed Zoe Graystone. The death of Tamara leads Joseph into a meeting with Daniel Graystone who (Daniel) tells Joseph that he plans to recreate his daughter as a android and needs Adamas help to get parts for the machine.

Business with the Graystones

When Daniel needs a piece of highly advanced piece of technology, Daniel uses Joseph to get that piece of technology from the Virgis corporation, a non-Caprican company. Daniel knew the kinds of people that Joseph worked alongside and knew he wouldn't be let down.

When Daniel looses control of his company, the Graystone Corporation, he turns to the Adamas to help him get the company back. When Joseph tells Daniel that Daniel must sacrifice his mother for the operation, Daniel decides to not go along with the plan and walks away. When however, after the company is back in Daniel's hands, Tomas Vergis goes to see Daniel and commits suicide. Daniel phones Joseph and asks him to help him, Joseph sends round people to clear up and destroy all the evidence.

Virtual Tamara

When Daniel wanted to get Joseph to help him, Daniel created a virtual version of his daughter Tamara and kept her in a darkened room. Zoe Graystone released her from the dark room to wander the streets of the virtual world. Joseph believed the virtual version had been deleted until he was visited by a young man who said that Tamara had asked him to come here. On realising that Tamara was actually dead, he did a runner but Joseph managed to track him down.

When Heracles as he's known comes to see Daniel as the holographic Tamara asks him to, Heracles runs away when he realises that Tamara is dead, Joseph sets out to find Heracles and tracks him down to working in a shop. Joseph gets Heracles to take him into the virtual world in which he does. When Heracles is killed in the Virtual world, he can no longer go back to that world and tells Joseph to get lost.

After Heracles has gone, a young woman offers to help Joseph to find his daughter. When they visit the virtual world version of his home, its occupied by another person but there's no sign of Tamara. A hoodlum appears, wanting revenge for the people that Tamara has killed but when it comes to firing a gun albeit a virtual gun, he freezes but is saved by Emmanuelle, the woman who is now providing assistance to Joseph to help find his daughter. Emmanuelle tells Joseph to leave because he's not ready for the holo-world and he'll get them both killed before they can find his daughter.

Joseph toughens up and returns to the holo-world and guns downs a few security guards in a cabaret theatre before turning on the transvestite host and demands to know where his daughter is. The host suggests to go somewhere in which he obliges.

Joseph finally catches up with Tamara who reveals that she doesn't want her father around, she's sorry and shoots both herself and then him. Unbeknown to Joseph, Tamara regenerates and continues in the holo-world.

Its revealed that Emmanuelle is the virtual alter-ego of Evelyn, a partner at Joseph's law firm who had a secret crush on Joseph. Evelyn created the avatar to help Joseph find Tamara and get closure.

Joseph Adama Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Adama Family
ActorEsai Morales
Last UpdatedSaturday, June 22, 2019

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