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Joshua Nolan

Joshua Nolan from Defiance played by Grant Bowler.

Joshua Nolan is a fictional male Human in the Defiance television series who was portrayed on screen by Grant Bowler. Joshua Nolan is the chief lawkeeper in the city of Defiance. Joshua is the main protagonist in the series. Joshua Nolan is more commonly referred to as Jeb rather than Josh. At the beginning of the first series, we see Jeb as a youngster who watches as the first Voltan space ship break through the atmosphere.

Arrival in Defiance

Joshua Nolan is introduced driving his truck with his adopted daughter Irisa on his way to Antarctica where the environment now is tropical. They briefly stay in Defiance and during that time, they help the city defeat a Volge attack when the towns security field is knocked out.

Mayor Amanda Rosewater persuades Joshua Nolan to stay in the city and become the chief law enforcer for the town assisted by Tommy Lasalle and his daughter Irisa. Also keeping him there is Kenya Rosewater who Joshua has grown an interest in.

Joshua is the series stud as he appears to get into bed with everyone apart from Irisa and Stahma. Joshua has bedded Kenya and her sister Amanda. When Joshua beds Berlin, he makes Tommy angry enough that Tommy punches his in the face but Joshua doesn't retaliate.

Irisa, Adopted Daughter

Before he came to Defiance, he rescued his Irathient daughter who was about to killed. Joshua took it on himself to look and care for his daughter no matter what might happen. When Irisa disappears from Defiance, Joshua begins a long search across the United States to look for his daughter, eventually finding her in Arc Angel, the new name for Los Angeles.

After being reunited with Irisa, Irisa wants to return to Defiance which surprises Joshua. Joshua doesn't argue and they return to Defiance. Tommy Lasalle who had been the senior law enforcer in the town whilst Joshua was away is downgraded much to his annoyance.

Joshua Nolan Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe City of Defiance
ActorGrant Bowler

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