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Kal Varrick - Dark Matter

Kal Varrick from Dark Matter played by Roger Cross.

Kal Varrick is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Roger Cross. Kal is a not a criminal like the other members of the Raza. Instead, Kal is Lieutenant Kal Varrick a law enforcement officer with the Galactic Authority who went undercover as a member of the Raza. His loyalties are stretched when he fights out what his identity is. Kal was the last person to wake up from being in Stasis hence why he's referred to as Six.

Kal worked undercover to infiltrate a terrorist organisation but was unable to stop a terrorist attack which left thousands of people dead. He tries to track down the people behind the murder but when he locates the leader, the leader is just a clone, the real one is somewhere else.

Procyon Insurrection

The Procyon Insurrection, a terrorist organisation within the Dark Matter universe is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, (both civillian and Galactic Authority) when a space station Hyadum-12 was destroyed. Kal Varrick was undercover at the time and is determined to find the person terrorists refer to as The General. Val near came close to tracking him down but the person he shot was only a clone and so the real General got away.

The name Procyon comes from a star of the same name Procyon in the constellation of Canis Minor.


At the end of the first series when there is a saboteur on board the Raza, it is revealed to be Kal who is working with the Galactic Authority. During the series two prison break, he helps his former Raza colleagues to escape and ends up unconscious but the criminals stick with him and take him onto the Raza for him to get better. Before he went undercover he discovered there was a conspiracy going on at the law enforcers but he was unable to do anything about.

In the alternate universe, Kal is dead, his cover had been blown and so was killed before he could reveal their location and details to anyone else. The prime universe Kal discovers this by watching a video of his murder who was shot in the head by Portia Lin.

Surviving the EOS-7 Explosion

When Ryo Tetsuda causes the EOS-7 explosion, Kal was able to get both him and Portia Lin of the station and into a craft. Portia sacrifices her oxygen for Kal so that he can breathe. Portia relies on her nanites in order to survive the ordeal.

Leaving the Series

In the third episode of the third series, Kal Varrick decides to stay on a planet which is having an uprising against the military controllers. Earlier in the episode, Kal Varrick had tried to organise a peace treaty between the two factions which seemed to be agreed upon until the leader of one of the factions is assassinated by the other causing a major rift between the two group.

One of the major story strands of the series, that is of the General, the terrorist who tricked Kal into causes the deaths of thousands of people turns up at the community where Kal Varrick deals with the General and kills him.

The episode that he decides to leave the Raza is "Welcome to the Revolution". However the second episode after, Emily receives a message from Kal Varrick saying she misses him. Later in the same episode, one of the corporations announces that they activate agent zero who turns out to be Kal Varrick by what is on the screen so he might be with the series still.

Kal Varricks disappearance from the show is brief as he is back in Wish I Could Believe You when he is being mentally played with by Ferrous Corporation scientists. The scientists want to know where the leaders of Independent planets are holding a meeting. In order to get the truth, they set up a number of virtual realities in order to trick him into revealing the location. The scientists fail to find out the location of the meeting. By the end of the episode, Val is able to turn the tables round on the scientists and have them be in the virtual reality world.

Val Karrick's Family

During episode where he is being tricked into revealing the location of a secret meeting, Val begins to have memories of being married with a child, a son. He couldn't remember the family until now, something that was probably unlocked by the memory probe. His dreams reveal that he is separated from his wife Clara and son. After Val has escaped from Ferrous Corporation, he connects with Anders of the Galactic Authority. Anders takes Val to a planet where he is shown his family and his son has another man for a father. Val decides to stay out of their life and return to the Raza.

Kal Varrick Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorRoger Cross
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