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Kara Danvers - Supergirl - Justice League

Kara Danvers from Justice League played by Melissa Benoist.

Kara Danvers is a fictional female Kryptonian in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Melissa Benoist. Kara Danvers is the everyday alter ego of Kara Zor-El who was sent to Earth to provide guidance and protection for her cousin who would later become Clark Kent, aka Superman.

Due to an incident in space, the capsule containing Clark arrives on Earth years before Kara does. Instead of being the elder of the two cousins on Earth, Kara is now the younger. In the 1984 movie of Supergirl, Kara is known as Linda Lee. As the series is about Supergirl not Superman, the latter is fleetingly mentioned and there's no crossover.

In the second series, Superman makes guest appearance including the first episode. Superman will continue to play second fiddle to Supergirl as it is her series not his.

Like her cousin, she wears glasses so that people can see that she's Supergirl. Although she doesn't as yet appear in the Justice League films, she would be a member of the Justice League, the D.C. comics equivalent to Marvel's Avengers.

As her cousin has already built up a reputation of a hero already, she has to build one up. Unlike her cousin she has her adopted sister (Alexandra Danvers) to help her along with a shadowy government agency who watches out for her.

The costume for Supergirl is something that is respectful, something that doesn't show cleavage or her midriff but one in keeping with the appropriateness of the character. Less leg is showing, partly due to the fact the boots are taller, not the skirt is longer. In the first episode the character experimented with a few costumes including hotpants and midriff showing.

Although in the Justice League, Supergirl inhabits the same universe as Superman, in the television series, Supergirl and The Flash don't live in the same universe. The Flash makes an appearance in a Supergirl episode with more planned. Kara's boss works out that Barry Allen is the Flash but is blind to see that Kara is Supergirl. Kara does reveal her identity to Jimmy Olsen, a close friend.

Clark Kent made a couple of guest appearances in the series including at the series end when the two Kryptonites are forced to fight one another. Kara has the edge, after all , it is her show and not Supermans. Superman isn't killed, just knocked out during the fight.

In the third series of Supergirl, there is a crossover episode with the other Justice League characters. In the crossover, "Crisis of Earth-X", its the wedding of Flash and Iris West and it gets interrupted by their alternate selves from Earth-X. Earth-X is where the sky is red and the Nazis have won. In addition to the Nazi, Oliver Queen is the new Furher and Supergirl is the Furher's lover. The Nazi cames to this universe to obtain Supergirls heart because Earth-X's supergirl's heart will explode and she'll die.


In a bid to capitalise on the success of the Christopher Reeve superman movies, the producers tried to create a Supergirl movie starring Helen Slater as the eponymous character.

The film was released in 1984 and it was far from a success. It was made for $35 million dollars but it only made $14.3 million back according to Wikipedia. By comparison, the first Superman film was made with $55 million and make $300.2 million back. Wikipedia. No sequels were therefore made.

The storyline of Supergirl is that a device known as the Omegahedron is stolen and in blown into space. Kara Zor-El follows the object determined to get the object back. The device falls into the hands of a witch and a warlock. Kara assumes the identity of Linda Lee as she works to get the device back. During her plan to get the object back, she is sent to the Phantom Zone where the worst Krypton criminals are sent. Kara manages to get back and defeat the witch who has it.

Although Clark Kent is mentioned as being a cousin, there are no Justice League appearances of the man himself. Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin does make a couple of guest appearances in Supergirl the series. Superman guest appearances are limited so they they don't overshadow the main character of the series. They do have Superman and Supergirl face off with one another with Supergirl winning, after all it is her series.


Kara from Smallville played by Laura Vandervroot

Kara Kent, Clark Kent's cousin would appear in the Smallville series played by Laura Vandervoort in the latter series of the show.

Kara first appears at the beginning of series 7 where she awakens after being in stasis. Kara was awoken when a dam breaks and Lex Luthor is trapped under water. Kara and Clark were both sent from Krypton at the same time with Kara being a little older.

Due to time travel, Kara didn't age unlike Clarke. When Kara wakes up, she starts looking for Clark thinking hes a baby which he isn't. It is revealed that Kara and Clark are cousins. Kara comes to stay with Clark on the farm and is revealed.

Kara has some powers that Clark doesn't such as flight and Clark has others which she doesn't such as the eye ray. They try to teach each other their powers but its not until the very end of the final series that Clark actually begins to fly.

Where as the Arrowverse, Oliver Queen and Supergirl are in different dimensions in the Multiverse, in this series, they are are in the same universe. Whilst there is a multiverse episode, it is not something that is a big part of the franchise.

After Smallville finished, Laura would appear in the remake of V which was nowhere near as successful as Smallville, finishing after two series. Laura would return to the DC universe in Supergirl as the character Indigo / Brainiac character.

Helen Slater who played Supergirl in the eighties film appeared in Smallville as Lara Zor-El, Clark Kent's Kryptonian mother for a few episodes.

Kara Danver / Supergirl's Friends

Alex Danvers

Alex Danvers is the human sister of Kara and ever since Kara has arrived on this planet, they have been sisters. Alex is a secret agent working for the Department of Extranormal Operations which she reveals to her sister when her sister reveals her powers. Alex doesn't have any powers unlike her sister.

Martian Manhunter

Hank Henshaw is a Martian in disguise who has come to our planet as a refugee from Mars. Hank is also referred to as Martian Manhunter . His real name is J'onn J'onnnz and takes on the persona of Hank Henshaw to become the head of the Department of Extranormal Operations (D.E.O.) for short. Kara finds out about Hank in the episode "Human for a Day", instead of turning against him, they continue to work with him. Kara and Alex Danvers suspected that Hank was responsible for the death of their father Jeremiah Danvers.

It was revealed that the original Hank was obsessed with killing J'onn. Jeremiah Danver got killed when he tried to protect J'onn from being killed. J'onn killed Hank and assumed his identity.

Kara Danvers Facts

Alien RaceKryptonian
AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorMelissa Benoist
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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