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Kasidy Yates - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Kasidy Yates is a fictional female in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Penny Johnson-Jerald. Kasidy Yates was a captain of a transport ship that would frequently visit the Deep Space 9 station. She first appears in the episode Family Business

Captain Benjamin Sisko's first wife and mother to Jake Sisko was tragically killed during the Battle of Wolf 359. Since that time, Benjamin has not had a relationship with anyone. There's been possible but nothing hard.

It was Jake Sisko who was responsible for the two of them getting together. Jake knew his father found Kasidy attractive, he just needed to push his father that little further to turn it into a proper relationship.

One of their shared interests was baseball, Kasidy's youngest brother played baseball for the Pike City Pioneers on Cestus III. She would later be signed up for the Niners baseball team when Sisko was challenged to a game by a competitive rival Vulcan. It was a moment when they could forget all about the troubles of the Dominion War and have some fun, albeit Sisko taking it too seriously. Take Me Out to the Holosuite

Assisting The Maquis

Kasidy was found to be unwittingly helping the Maquis obtain tools and equipment that had been destined for the Cardassians. The Cardassians were at that time on friendly terms with the Federation, not yet having sided with The Dominion.

The Maquis were a group of races that lived near or in the neutral zone between the Cardassians and the Federation. They objected to the peace treaty between the Federation and the Cardassians, they believed it gave too much to the Cardassians.

She was caught transporting the items that the Maquis had obtained and imprisoned. For the Cause Once she was released from prison, she rekindled her love with Benjamin Sisko. Rapture


Sisko would eventually propose to Kasidy who would accept. The Bajorans rejoiced in the news that the Emissary would be getting married. Sisko briefly changed his mind after interference by the Prophets but eventually the wedding went ahead.

The wedding went ahead on board the Deep Space 9 station with Jake Sisko being the best man. Admiral William Ross presided over the wedding and Quark providing the food. Till Death Do Us Part

Shortly after the wedding, Sisko revealed to his wife that he had bought a large area of open country side on Bajor for them to settle on. Kasidy wasn't too happy but they never got there as the Dominion War was reaching a climax.

After the War

Once the war came to an end, Kasidy revealed that she was pregnant with her first and Sisko's second child. Before they could settle down, Benjamin left the station to face Gul Dukat for one final time in the fire caves on Bajor.

Benjamin seemingly killed himself as he tackled a re-animated Gul Dukat. Kai Winn had poisoned Gul Dukat but the Pah-Wraiths brought Gul Dukat back. Sisko pushed Gul Dukat into the flames and followed him as well.

Whilst with others, Kasidy was summoned in mind to where the Prophets are based where she would see Benjamin Sisko for one last time. What You Leave Behind

Kasidy Yates Facts

ActorPenny Johnson-Jerald
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