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Khadgar - Warcraft

Khadgar from Warcraft played by Ben Schnetzer.

Khadgar is a fictional male in the Warcraft Warcraft series who was played on screen by Ben Schnetzer. Khadgar is a powerful human Mage on the side of The Alliance. In the game, however, he talks to both faction sides. Although he is a mage and not a druid, he is able to turn into a bird and fly. In the game, Khadgar is referred to as an Archmage, someone not to be triffled with. In World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor, he plays a major role in setting up the storyline for the players along with Thrall, the Orc Shaman.

In the film, Khadgar looks younger than he does in Draenor, you have to remember that the game is set years before the events of the game. Khadgar would be younger than he looks in the game. Khadgar appears in both Warlords of Draenor and Burning Crusade and both times on Draenor side of the portal.

Khadgar suspects something is wrong with Medivh when the latter destroys all Khadgars investigations. Khadgar along with Andiun Lothar confronts the powerful wizard in the finale of the film at the same time the fight between the Humans and the Orcs. As the film is based on the original game, there are no other races that take part in the film.

Khadgar in World of Warcraft

In the game in Draenor, Khadgar sets the player on a quest line to obtain a legendary ring through a series of quests, dungeons and raids to collect and kill. Khadgar has his own castle in Zangarra, in Talador. It is similar to what Wrathion, the Black Prince did in the previous expansion with a series of quests for the legendary cloak.

His first appearance in the game is in the first expansion where Khadgar is seem in the centre of Shattrath City, the main city in Terokkar Forest on the Outlands asteroid, all that remains of the home planet of the Orcs, Draenor. Both the Alliance and Horde are friendly towards the human, Khadgar's only concern is prevening the Burning Legion from conquering the planets.

Khadgar and the Kirin Tor

Khadgar used to be a member of the Kirin Tor, a group of powerful magicians based in the floating city of Dalaran. During a night camp talk, Khadgar reveals that his parents gave him to the Kirin Tor when Khadgar was six. Khadgar resigned his commission so he could go his own way. Khadgar returns to Dalaran in order to see their help. Khadgar has a Kirin Tor marking on his arm that lights up when something of importance is close by.

Khadgar Facts

AllegianceThe Alliance
ActorBen Schnetzer
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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