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King Llane Wrynn - Warcraft

King Llane Wrynn from Warcraft played by Dominic Cooper.

King Llane Wrynn is a fictional male in the Warcraft television series who was portrayed on screen by Dominic Cooper. King Llane Wrynn is the leader of the Human in the Warcraft film of the MMORPG game. When the Horde led by Orgrim Doomhammer come through the Portal to Azeroth, you know its not going to end well. Llane has to muster his troops to defend the human race from the Orcs.

Llane Wrynn tries to use his diplomacy skills by calling a meeting with Elves and the Dwarves but neither of the groups are interested in going the fight against the threat. Llane decides that the only people who will have to do it is his kingdom, the human race.

King Llane Wrynn Family

It comes as no surprise that Llane Wrynn doesn't make it to the end given that in the games that the king is Variann Wrynn. He is the brother in law of Anduin Lothar, the head of Stormwind Military. He's a military king, one who actually takes part in battles like the kings used in past.

Apart from being the Leader of the humans, he is also a husband to Lady Taria Wrynn and most likely father to Varian Wrynn, the future leader of the human race in the game. Llane is brother in law of Anduin Lothar, the main millitary soldier who leads the soldiers into battle.

In case you see the King as being similar to the British kings of the past, the last British king to die in battle like Llane was King Richard III and the last British King to fight in a battle was King George II at the Battle of Dettingen in Bavaria, 27th June, 1743 Ref:BritRoyals

Death of Llane Wrynn

The King leads his men into battle to defeat the Orcs at the Dark Portal. It is sadly the last time that he will see his family again. Llane believes that if Garona kills him, it will cause the war to end. Garona reluctantly knifes Llane in the back, killing him.

Garona killing Llane will make Garona a hero in the eyes of her fellow Orcs. Being a hero, she could then use her new respect to change the course of the Orcs and end the senseless war with the humans.

King Llane Wrynn Facts

AllegianceThe Alliance
ActorDominic Cooper

Copyright: Blizzard Entertainment

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