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Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is a fictional male in the Star Wars series. The character was portrayed on screen by Adam Driver. His allegiance / loyalty is to The First Order. Kylo Ren is the principle antagonist in the star Wars - The Force Awakens and answers to Supreme Leader Snoke who is in control of the First Order. We first see Kylo in trailers on a forested snow world with a light sabre that has a cruxiform. The planet he appears on is too lush with trees for it to be Hoth, the world shown at the beginning of Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back. Unlike the mechanical Death Stars of the original films, this new planet destroyer is an actual planet, a snow covered one. Kylo Ren is believed to be a Sith Inquisitor rather than a Dark Lord of Sith with a huge military base like what Darth Vader had.

Kylo Ren is a member of the Knights of Ren, an organisation that came into existance after the events of the Battle of Endor. He took on the surname show allegiance to the knights but whether the organisation is on the Jedi or Sith side is yet to be revealed.

Praising Darth Vader

Like Darth Vader, this Sith Lord has a mask to protect his face and also a red light sabre which is the standard issued colour light sabre for Sith Lords. Unlike Darth Vader, Kylo`s face is not badly disfigured or damaged in any way. Kylo Ren takes off his helmet when challenged by Han Solo and Rey at different points in the film.

Ren is a great admirer of Darth Vader and the big reveal is that he is the son of both Princess Leia and Han Solo before he got manipulated and turned to the dark side of the force by Supreme Leader Snoke. It was Kylo`s move to the Dark Side that saw Luke Skywalker, Kylo`s mentor disappear from civilisation and cut himself off. Luke went off in search of an ancient Jedi Temple and wasn`t seen again. Kylo Ren`s birth name was Ben Solo, Ben being named for Obi-Wan Kenobi who was a respected figure in the Old Republic and then the Rebellion. Ben was also the name given to Luke Skywalkers child. Luke Skywalker fell in love with Mara-Jade in the expanded universe. Snoke has entrusted him with command of a Star Destroyer which he uses to track down Rey and Finn.

Unlike Darth Vader, Kylo only wears the protection not for hiding any disfigurement that his hero Darth Vader wore the mask for. When challenged by either Rey and Han Solo, he duly takes off his mask along with when having the final lightsabre battle.

Confronting Han Solo, his father

On Starkiller Base, he is confronted by his father, Han Solo and lulls his father into believing that Kylo might be coming round and might see the light. Leia had instructed Han to see if he could bring Kylo Ren back so that they could try in any way possible to be a family once more. However, it was not to be, Kylo Ren kills his father after playing the emotions card.

Kylo`s fate is unclear as he looks defeated but not dead after having a lightsabre battle with both Finn and then Rey. Snoke ordered General Hux to pick up Kylo Ren and both of them come to where Snoke was based. It is unclear as to whether both Hux or Kylo escaped.

He is known to have fits of rage when things are not going to plan. When told of Poe Damerons escape, he let loose his anger, destroying the controls and causing a mess.

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