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Kylo Ren - Star Wars

Kylo Ren from Star Wars played by Adam Driver.

Kylo Ren is a fictional male in the Star Wars film series who was played on screen by Adam Driver. Kylo Ren is the principle antagonist in the Star Wars - The Force Awakens and answers to Supreme Leader Snoke who is in control of The First Order.

We first see Kylo in trailers on a forested snow world with a light sabre that has a cruciform. The planet he appears on is too lush with trees for it to be Hoth, the world shown at the beginning of Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back. We later learn that the planet is Starkiller Base, a hollowed out planet that acts as the First Order's new Death Star weapon. Unlike the mechanical Death Stars of the original films, this new planet destroyer is an actual planet, a snow covered one. Kylo Ren is believed to be a Sith Inquisitor rather than a Dark Lord of Sith with a huge military base like what Darth Vader had.

Knights of Ren

Kylo is not a Jedi or a Sith lord but a Knight of Ren from which he took his surname from. They are neither Sith Lords or Jedi Knights but are a shadowy organisation that follow predominantly the dark side of the force. Kylo is the Master of the organisation and they work for Supreme Leader Snoke, a real Sith Lord and Leader of the First Order.

Ben Solo

Kylo Ren was born Ben Solo, the child of Han Solo and Princess Leia, the two predominant leaders of The Rebel Alliance. Although in the expanded universe, Han and Leia had Jacen and Jaina, the twins and Anakin Solo, none of these are featured in the movies. He was named after Ben Kenobi, the revered Jedi Knight, more commonly known as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ben inherited his force powers from his mother who was the child of Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader and Padme Amidala, the Senator from Naboo.

Over the years as the force began to awaken in Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker, the uncle took it upon himself to train his young nephew in the ways of the force. As time went on, Kylo's power grew and grew and got to the point where it was beginning to unnerve Luke.

One night, Luke tred to kill Ben but Ben woke up and prevented Luke from succeeding. Even at this point in his life, he was being manipulated by Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order. Kylo destroyed the Jedi Temple and left to join with Snoke.

Kylo Ren has anger issues, when told of Poe Dameron's escape, Kylo uses his lightsaber to destroy control on a star destroyer. After being chastised by Snoke for wearing the mask, he destroys the mask.

Praising Darth Vader

Kylo Ren praised his maternal grandfather Darth Vader so much that he would wear a mask not too dissimilar from that of Darth Vaders. In the first film, the Force Awakens, he would wear the mask for most of the film, only taking off the mask when talking. Darth Vader needed the mask to breathe after being badly burned on Mustafar after fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kylo's Mask is nothing but an accessory, something as a nod, nothing more.

After being chastised by Snoke, Kylo smashes up his helmet and shows his face for the rest of the second film. Snoke had seen raw untapped power in Ben Solo which is why he set about manipulating Ben Solo in the hope he would become as powerful and as feared as Darth Vader. Kylo will not be elevated to the same level as Darth Vader as Darth is a legend now.

The Parents, Han Solo and Princess Leia

Neither Princess Leia nor Han Solo stopped loving their son, who wouldn't. When Ben turned to the dark side, it created a schism in the relationship between the two rebel leaders and Han Solo went back to being a smuggler with Chewbacca, his Millennium Falcon co-pilot Wookie.

When Rey and Finn encounter Han Solo, Han takes them to the Resistance as the Rebel Alliance are now called and a reunion with Princess Leia. Leia tells Han to see if he can bring back Kylo to their side again. Han goes with Chewbacca and Finn to the Starkiller Base where he encounters his son. Ben looks as though he might come back in but at the last moment, he kills his father.

Princess Leia doesn't encounter her son in the movies. In the second film, Kylo Ren is in his T.I.E. Fighter and when he gets the chance to attack the Rebel space ship, something holds him back and he doesn't fire on the Resistance craft. There seems to be a connection between Kylo and Leia but it is not explicit.


In the first film, at the end, Kylo Ren and Rey face off with one another. The force is just awakening in Rey and Rey doesn't know anything about it. Kylo and Rey face off in the snowy forrest of the Starkiller Base but Rey doesn't kill Kylo, Rey has more pressing matters to deal with and leaves.

In the second film, Rey and Kylo Ren are able to connect to one another across space in telepathy. It was not something that had happened in the first film. Whilst Rey can see the surroundings of where Kylo is, Kylo is unable to see where Rey is and therefore track down Luke Skywalker. Through telepathy, Kylo is able to get some sympathy from Rey. Kylo tells Rey what happened on the night that Ben turned from Jedi Apprentice to Sith Apprentice.

Neither can explain how either of them can talk to one another. It is later revealed that Supreme Leader Snoke was the one who was able to create the telepathy link between the two.

Rey feels that Kylo Ren can still come back from the Dark Side and against Luke's advice, decides to go to Snoke's imperial craft to confront Kylo. Kylo takes her to Snoke where Snoke tortures Rey and tries to make her come across to the dark side. When Snoke wants Rey to be executed, Kylo turns the tables and kills Snoke using mind control of a lightsaber situated by Snoke. Together, Kylo and Rey take on Snokes Imperial Red Guards and are able to survive the onslaught.

After Snoke and the guards are dead, Kylo suggests to Rey that she should take her place alongside him and together they will rule the galaxy together but Rey doesn't want to do this. Rey escapes from the space ship.

It is Kylo Ren who reveals to Rey that Rey's parents are nobodies who sold the girl for money. Whether that is the truth or not will hopefully be revealed in the final film of the trilogy. Kylo revealed the news in the hope that Rey could join him. Its not totally explicit but it is implied that Kylo may have a crush on Rey. Kylo offers to rule the galaxy with Rey by his side but she declines and leaves.

Supreme Leader

Having killed Supreme Leader Snoke, General Hux had wanted to assume command of the First Order but Kylo force strangles the General and makes him step down. General Hux praises the new Supreme Leader. Together, the two senior First Order commanders launch an attack on the resistance base on Crait, a mineral planet that had once served as a rebel alliance base.

On the planet, Luke Skywalker appears and challenges Kylo Ren to a fight. The fight is more of a stalling tactic, giving the Resistance enough time to get away from the base and regroup onboard the Millennium Falcon.

Kylo Ren Facts

AllegianceThe First Order
ActorAdam Driver
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