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L3-37 - Star Wars

L3-37 from Star Wars played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

L3-37 is a fictional female Robot in the Star Wars film series who was played on screen by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. L3-37 is the first android in the Star Wars films that is meant to be and is played by a female. L3-37 belongs to Lando Calrissian at the start of Solo - A Star Wars Story. L3-37 is a bit more confident and more confident in her surroundings than previous droids. When Lando asks L3-37 if she wants anything, L3-37 replies that she would like equal rights.

When L3-37 sees androids being forced to figjht in a pit, L3-37 tries to get the machines to stop fighting and have a mind of their own. When the Ring Master confronts L3-37, L3-37 strangles the Ring Master but is ordered to release the Ring Master by Lando.

During the Coaxium theft on Kessel, L3-37 leads a revolution of other robots, removing their constrainer belts. During the final moments of escaping onto the Millennium Falcon, L3-37 is destroyed. Lando Calrissian is upset that L3-37 is dead forcing Han Solo to fly the Millennium Falcon through the nebula via the Kessel Run.

L3-37 has one of the best navigational memories in the galaxy so when L3-37 is destroyed, the navigational memory is uploaded into the Millennium Falcon's memory banks. The information from L3-37 helps Han Solo plot a short cut through the Maw Kessel nebula, thereby reducing the distance from 20 parsecs to 12 parsecs.

L3-37 Facts

Alien RaceRobot
Actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

Copyright: Lucasfilm

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