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Lady Taria Wrynn

Lady Taria Wrynn

Lady Taria Wrynn is a fictional female in the Warcraft series. The character was portrayed on screen by Ruth Negga. Her allegiance / loyalty is to The Alliance. Lady Taria Wrynn is the wife of King Llane Wrynn, leader of the human race on the planet of Azeroth in the film adaptation of the World of Warcraft MMORPG game. She is also the mother of Varian Wrynn who is the leader of the humans and the Alliance in the main game. Not much is known about this character.

Lady Taria is the sister of Anduin Lothar, the head of the Stormwind army. Lady Taria doesn't go in to battle, she stays mainly by her husbands side or in Stormwind looking after Varian. After the King has been killed, she assumes control of Stormwind until her son, Varian Wrynn is old enough to assume the mantle. In the games, the king of Stormwind is Varian Wrynn and it was predictable that Llane would be killed off. Any sequel that might be made, Lady Taria Wrynn may well not be in it because te sequel will be set possibly a decade into the future.

Lady Taria is no shrinking violet for when the Alliance soldiers have captured Garona, Lady Taria goes to see the Orc and provide her with clothng and whatever needs she might need.

At the end of the film, Lady Taria gives a rousing speech to the people of Stormwind and also to the Dwarven dignitaries who are listening to the speech.

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