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Lando Calrissian - Star Wars

Lando Calrissian from Star Wars played by Billy Dee Williams.

Lando Calrissian is a fictional male Corellian in the Star Wars film series who was played on screen by Billy Dee Williams. Lando Calrissian holds the rank of Administrator (Cloud City), General (Rebel Alliance) within the Rebel Alliance.

Lando Calrissian, from his first appearance in the 'Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back' to his (current last as of June 2013) last in Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi.

Lando Calrissian is seen as one of the most important characters of the original trilogy. He has not appeared in the first two Star Wars sequel movies, rather sitting these out. His character has just been written out, he's not adverse to coming back, he said he would like to if they wrote him in. BND

There had been a rumour that Finn, one of the new characters in the movie is rumoured to be the son of Lando Calrissian. There's no connection between Finn and Lando as yet, unlikely that there will be one.

Cloud City Administrator, Bespin

When Han is in need of a place to stay quiet for a short amount of time, he turns to Lando Calrissian who is Administator of Cloud City in the clouds of Bespin. Bespin is a giant gas planet, one that has a breathable atmosphere unlike that of Jupiter.

Lando offers to help but it all a ruse so that he can hand the rebels over to Darth Vader. Darth Vader is not interested in the rebels, he just wants Luke Skywalker who he believes will come when he senses his friends are in danger.

As part of the deal to help Darth Vader to trap Luke, Vader agreed to allow Princess Leia, Chewbacca and the droids ( C-3PO and R2-D2 ) to stay with him in Cloud City. When Vader reneges on the deal, Lando decides to free the prisoners and join them.

Jabba, the Hutt's Guard

After Han Solo has been handed over to Jabba, the Hutt , Lando got a job as a guard working for Jabba on Tatooine. Lando only wanted to be able to free Han rather than actually work for Jabba.

General Lando Calrissian

After Han Solo has been rescued by his colleagues, Lando becomes a fully fledged member of The Rebel Alliance. Han Solo tips off the leaders of the Rebel Alliance in regards to Lando's involvement at the Battle of Taanab. After hearing about his exploits at Taanab, he is promoted to General.

Lando is given the keys to the Millennium Falcon to use against the Death Star. Nien Nunb is Lando's co-pilot for the operation. After Han Solo has blown up the shield generator, Lando leads the attack group in to destroy the partially finished Death Star and escape.

What happened to Lando Calrissian after the destruction is not known. He did not return as part of the Resistance against The First Order . He will return to join the Resistance in the as yet unnamed Episode IX.

Battle of Taanab

The Battle of Tanaab is mentioned in Return of the Jedi and gets Lando Calrissian a promotion to General in the oncoming battle. Tanaab is only detailed in the expanded universe. Lando Calrissian took part in the Galactic Civil War when he took on a group of pirates in orbit round the planet of Tanaab.

Star Wars Rebels

In addition to the live action films, Lando Calrissian appears in two episodes of Rebels cartoon series. The Rebels cartoon series is set between the events of Star Wars III - Revenge of The Sith and the New Hope. The first time, Lando gets the crew of the Ghost to give him a lift when Lando wins Chopper the repair droid in a game of Sarbacc.

The second appearance is when the crew of the Ghost ask Lando for help to get of Lothal which is under the control of the Imperial army. The role of the cartoon version is voiced by Lando Calrissian.

Lando Calrissian Meets Han Solo

Young Lando Calrissian played by Donald Glover

You can't have a Han Solo back story without featuring Lando Calrissian, Han's long time friend. Lando is to be played on screen by Donald Glover, an American actor, singer and D.J..

Han Solo is introduced to Lando Calrissian by Qi'ra when Han is in need of a ship to get his group to Kessel where they plan to steal Coaxium ore. Han tries to win the Millennium Falcon off Lando at a game of Sarbacc but looses everything because Lando has cheated.

Lando is persuaded to help the group get to and then off Kessel with the required Coaxium. When Lando's beloved L3-37 is destroyed, Lando is unable to pilot the craft so Han and Chewbacca take over the controls of the Millennium. The Coaxium is taken to Savereen, a desert / water planet to be handed over to Dryden Vos.

Lando doesn't stay long and leaves the planet without getting his cut. Han will catch up with Lando playing Sarbacc on Numidian Prime, a forest planet. Han has remembered how Lando won the first Sarbacc game and prevents being caught out again. Han and Lando play Sarbacc again and this time Han wins the Millennium Falcon.

Lando's love of wearing a cape doesn't go unremembered as Lando has a waredrobe of capes which Qi'ra rummages through and tries on a few. Qi'ra uses one of Lando's cape to show her character nobility on the planet of Kessel.

If the first Solo movie is a success, we can expect to see more of Lando given his and Solo's lives are interwinned. We may even get to see the Battle of Tanaab.

A number of people have been irked when Jonathan Kasdan who co-wrote the Solo film with his father that Lando was Pansexual. What has angered people was that they were changing Lando's orientation. Lando has always been known as a ladies man ever since he's been introduced in Empire Strikes Back. If you're going to create a Pansexual character, create a new one, not alter a character. Just look at the comments at Slate


Lando owns L3-37, a female droid that acts as a companion and a co-pilot. L3-37 has a free spirit and has a mind of her own. When Lando asks if she wants anything, she replies Equal Rights. L3-37 confides in Qi'ra that she believes that Lando is in love with her but it won't work out.

During the uprising on Kessel where Lando and Han are stealing Coaxium ore, L3-37 is shot and destroyed. Lando is distraught and tries to save her. Unable to save the robot, the memory banks are uploaded into the Millennium Falcon so that they can escape from Kessel.

Sabacc Playing

When Han first meets Lando Calrissian, Lando is playing and winning at a game of Sabacc, a galactic gambling card game. The first encouter sees Lando win everything from his fellow players. As Han has lost all the money, Han is forced to offer Lando a cut of the profits from his mission to get Lando to be the pilot for the mission.

Lando had actually cheated in the game, he had cards up his sleeve. The cheating is spotted by Han in the second game they play against one another and the cards are removed. Lando looses the game and the Millennium Falcon.

Lando Calrissian Facts

RankAdministrator (Cloud City)
General (Rebel Alliance)
Alien RaceCorellian
AllegianceThe Rebel Alliance
ActorBilly Dee Williams
Last UpdatedSaturday, March 2, 2019

Copyright: Lucasfilm

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