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Le Chiffre - James Bond, 007

Le Chiffre from James Bond

Le Chiffre is a fictional male Human financier in the James Bond, 007 film series who was played on screen by Mads Mikklesen. Le Chiffre or The Chief in English is the financier for the world's terrorists. Le Chiffre only ever appears in Casino Royale and is played by Mads Mikklesen in what might be seen as his break out role in English cinema.

The character as mentioned in a financier to terrorists and freedom fighters across the world working for the shadowy Quantum organisation. When James Bond foils his latest plan to invest his clients money, he sets up a high stakes poker game in Montenegro at the Casino Royale to win the money back. Le Chiffre had bet his investors money on airline stocks going down after the Skyline aircraft, the largest aircraft in the world blowing up at Miami airport. The Skyline airline is a double decker airbus plane.

James Bond is sent to Montenegro to win the money back and bankrupt Le Chiffre. They hope that by bankrupting Le Chiffre, the financier will turn to M.I.6. or The C.I.A. for protection in return for knowledge of the Quantum organisation.

James Bond and Vesper Lynd are captured by Le Chiffre and tortured for knowledge of the whereabouts of the money. Le Chiffre is shot dead by Mr. White after Vesper agrees to get Mr White the money.

In the books, Le Chiffre was a Russian spy in France and had badly invested The K.G.B.'s money which James Bond had been sent to prevent him from getting the money back at the Casino Royale. In the film, Le Chiffre is an Albanian financier who ended up working for Quantum. M.I.6. don't have much knowledge on him apart from very basic stuff.

Le Chiffre Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorMads Mikklesen
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