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Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a fictional female Human in the Justice League series. The character was portrayed on screen by Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Kate Bosworth, Erica Durance, Amy Adams. Her allegiance / loyalty is to Superman. Lois Lane is the female girlfriend of Clark Kent, the alter ego of Superman. She is a reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Lois is unaware that Clark is Superman and in one film, she challenges Clark to rescue her when she purposely jumps into a river. Instead of running off and turning into Superman, he uses his eye rays to break off a branch for her to grab hold of. In an episode of the nineties series, when Lois is drunk, she remarks how similar Clark is to Superman but when she sobers up, she's back to being none the wiser again.

Margot Kidder is the actress most associated with playing the role of the character having had the role of Lois during Christopher Reeves tenure as the hero from Krypton. Whilst in the comics, they get really close, in the movies, they are still not quite there. Lois is torn between her love for both men. The available Clark and the unavailable so to speak Superman.

In Superman Returns, Superman has returned from visiting another planet, during the time he was absent, Lois has become a father to a five year old and is the fiancee of the son of Perry White, the editor in chief of the Daily Planet newspaper. Whilst Clark wants to go back to where they left off, its now very complicated to do.

It is only when Clark and Lois marry does Clark reveal his secret to his wife. Lois keeps her Lane surname for professional and continuity purposes. Clark ages like humans in the same way but then when he is in his twenties, his aging will slow down dramatically whereas hers will keep going like humans on this planet. Therefore when she is an old woman, he will look as though he was in his twenties, not having aged a bit.

Lois Lane has sometimes gained super powers herself, in the Teri Hatcher series, Clark's superpowers got transferred to her and she was then forced to turn into Ultra-Woman and save people from disaster and death. She couldn't wait to give the powers back to him.

In a Parallel Universe, Lois is killed off but her consciousness comes back and is downloaded into Red Tornado robot to help the fight against Superman's enemies.

Lois is never portrayed as anything demeaning or as an idiot, she is always forthright and confidence and not a shrinking violet, someone who always has to be rescued as a damsel in distress. She may go undercover and has maybe let her principles down but its outweighed by the objective.

Justice League

In Justice League, the role of Lois Lane is played by Amy Adams. Lois has a brief part in the Man of Steel but has a much bigger role to play in the Batman Vs. Superman. Whilst other versions of Superman, Lois Lane has been oblivious to Clark Kent being superman, in this version, she is fully aware of who Clark Kent really is.

Lois Lane is no shrinking violet, Lois is willing to go into the lions den to get a story albeit with the knowledge that Clark Kent will be there to save her when something goes wrong. When Lois' cover is blown, Superman is there to save the day. When Clark wasn't able to prevent the bombing of Congress, it is to Lois that he turns to for comfort.

Superman sacrificed his life to kill Doomsday and was buried. Now with Superman dead, the world knows who Superman really is. In Justice League, all we see is Lois trying to come to terms that Superman is now dead and to try and move on.

Amy Adams as Lois lane

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