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Lieutenant Commander Data - Star Trek - The Next Generation

Data from Star Trek - The Next Generation played by Brent Spiner.

Data is a fictional male Robot in the Star Trek - The Next Generation television series who was played on screen by Brent Spiner. Data holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander within the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D.

Lieutenant Commander Data is an intelligent robot that is built in the image of his maker Doctor Noonien Soong. Data tries to be human but at times he tries to hard for example when he pushed Doctor Bev Crusher in the virtual ocean in Star Trek VII, Generations.

Although Commander Data is a robot, he is still affected in the same way as humans. In the third episode "Naked Now", when the crew are intoxicated by a deadly contaimant, Data should in theory not be affected, however Data is affected in the same way as everyone else.

When Data looses a game of Strategema to a Zakdorn visitor, Data becomes scared of his ability to perform. Data believed he was superior to life forms in every sense of the word but when he got beaten, he believed he would underperform in the heat of battle. Jean-Luc Picard had to try to snap him out of his depression. Peak Performance

Lore, Data's Brother

Data was not the first android that Soong had attempted to create in his image, the first was called Lore. The problem with Lore was that he was too human and was seeking too much power and was shut down. Lore was found on the planet Omicron Theta which is the birthplace of Data. Lore had been deactivated but the engineers on the Enterprise managed to reassemble Lore. Lore's temperament worries the crew and before he can be deactivated, Lore deactivates Data and manages to escape. DataLore

Lore would be encountered again when the Enterprise encounters a group of Borg who have broken free of the collective. Lore is manipulating their freedoms for his own ends. Eventually Lore is defeated and deactivated again so that he can't cause any more problems.

Lal, his daughter

In an attempt to understand what it is to be human, he builds his own daughter called Lal (The Offspring). The robot that Data built was originally genderless which Data allowed it to choose its own gender. In the end, the creation chose to be a human female. Sadly, his daughter doesn't live long and shuts down. Data decides to not try again.

The Borg

In Star Trek VIII, First Contact when he is in the company of the Borg Queen, the Queen attempts to helps Data to be more of an individual which is something that the collective was trying to stamp out. Throughout most of the film, he is captive of the Borg Queen.

Sherlock Holmes

Data develops an interest in Sherlock Holmes, the famous private detective from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The first mention of Sherlock is in the episode "Lonely Amongst Us" when Jean-Luc Picard mentions the character. In the same episode, Data tries to smoke a pipe to emulate the great detective but is eventualy told to stop by Picard.

When Data solves a Sherlock adventure too easily, Geordi LaForge creates a new story to solve. The new storyline sees Sherlock pitted against Professor Moriarty and forces to solve the situation. When it becomes apparent that Moriarty knows about the ship, Picard has to step in.

The second time (Ship in a Bottle) that Data has to confront Moriarty is when Moriarty appears in the holodesk and then appears that Moriarty is able to walk out of the holodeck that created him. The senior members of the crew have to work out how whether Moriarty is actually real or not.

Data Facts

RankLieutenant Commander
Alien RaceRobot
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
ActorBrent Spiner
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