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Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge - Star Trek - The Next Generation

Geordi LaForge from Star Trek - The Next Generation played by Levar Burton.

Geordi LaForge is a fictional male Human engineer in the Star Trek - The Next Generation television series who was played on screen by Levar Burton. Geordi LaForge holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander within the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D.

Lr. Commander Geordi LaForge wears a visor as he has been blind since birth. His visor enables Geordi to see things that other people would not be able to see. He can see any waves which as Chief Engineer can come in useful. In the films, Geordi's visor has gone, instead, he has false eyes which gives him the same ability as his visor did.

In the first series, Geordi is on the bridge but in the second and subsequent series, he gets a promotion and moves. Instead of being on the bridge, he becomes the Chief Engineer and is responsible for the warp drive.

Arsenal of Freedom, Geordi In Command

When Jean-Luc Picard leaves the bridge of the Enterprise to join William Riker and Data on the surface of Minos, Geordi is left in charge. Geordi is instructed to put the well being and safety of the crew above the priority of getting the away team back. The first challenge he has to deal with is from Logan, the ships' chief engineer who outranks Geordi but Geordi puts him in his place by stating that Jean-Luc left him in charge.

After having seen off the challenge from Logan, he is able to concentrate on the job in hand. When the attackers seem to be unbeatable, he orders that the saucer be separated from the battle ship and head towards the nearest spacestation. Geordi instructs Logan to command the saucer section.

When the situation is resolved and Jean-Luc is back, Geordi relinquishes but Jean-Luc doesn't accept, he wants Geordi to continue to captain the ship until they reach the spacestation.

Geordi LaForge Facts

RankLieutenant Commander
Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
ActorLevar Burton
Last UpdatedFriday, June 21, 2019

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