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Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scotty Scott - Star Trek - The Original Series

Montgomery Scotty Scott from Star Trek - The Original Series played by James Doohan

Montgomery Scotty Scott is a fictional male Human engineer in the Star Trek - The Original Series television series who was played on screen by James Doohan, Simon Pegg. Montgomery Scotty Scott holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander within the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A.

Scotty for short was the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A's chief engineer. Although the character was from Scotland, the actor who played the original Scott, James Doohan was Canadian who could do a range of different accents.

Montgomery Scott made a brief appearance in the episode Relics where Scotty is the sole person onboard a Dyson Sphere. A Dyson Sphere is a hypothesized theory that aliens would be able to surround a star with a structure and get unlimited power. Some people believe that Tabby's Star has a Dyson Sphere around it due to irregular brightness and darkness.

He was famed for saying 'I canna change the laws of physics' when he was being pushed to get the ship out of the predicament that they were in.

Although he wore a red shirt, he was never in danger of being bumped off for which a lot of red shirt wearing characters in the series was known for.

When the other senior members of the crew such as Kirk and Mr. Spock were off the ship dealing with an issue, control of the ship was handed to Scotty.

Rebooted Film Series

Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scotty Scott played by Simon Pegg

When Paramount rebooted the series, they turned to Simon Pegg, a British actor to become Scotty. In the first film, we get an origin story of how he joined the Enterprise and became the chief engineer.

Scotty was stuck on a remote ice world with only Keenser, a Roylan to keep him company. When the young Spock teleported Capt. James Tiberius Kirk off the craft, Kirk made his way to the research station. Before Kirk got to the research station, Kirk had met the older Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy.

Scott is famous in the future for discovering how to teleport someone onto something that is moving at the speed of light. Spock is not someone who wants to change the future but the future has already been changed by the Romulan captain, Nero. Spock alters Scotty's formula to enable him to make the teleportation and get Kirk back onto the Enterprise.

In the second film, Scotty disagrees with Kirk and resigns his commission. Along with Scotty resigning, so does Keenser. When Kirk need someone to discover what is going on in the solar system, Kirk turns to Scotty to find out the information. The information that Scotty finds out is about an enhanced space ship which Scotty manages to stow-away on.

In the third film, Star Trek Beyond, Scotty is back as a commissioned officer onboard the Enterprise. When the Enterprise is destroyed, Scotty manages to get to the planet safely and meets Jaylah who helps him to survive and get the crew back together again.

Montgomery Scotty Scott Facts

RankLieutenant Commander
Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701A
SpaceshipUSS Enterprise NCC-1701A
ActorJames Doohan, Simon Pegg
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